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Almanity Hoi An Wellness Resort in Hoi An, Vietnam


Already holding UNESCO status, another gem in the ancient town of Hoi An is Almanity Hoi An Resort & Spa. Built around a gorgeous two-level swimming pool and lush gardens, the perfect journey to wellness happens here. Pampering you is the staff’s priority, so not only is the spa at your service, but so are the gym, fitness center, and beauty salon thus guaranteeing everyone will feel their absolute best throughout their stay. The award-winning luxury eco-friendly hotel provides a retreat that promises the perfect awakening to your chi.

My Heart Bedroom at the Almanity Hoi An Wellness Resort in Hoi An, Vietnam
Image Credit: © Almanity Hoi An Wellness Resort

Each of the 140 rooms at Almanity Hoi An Resort & Spa is the perfect oases to set the tone for an ideal stay in Hoi An. The rooms are classy and elegantly decorated with traditional wood furniture, and Japanese culture and Portuguese architecture are fused to release the perfect harmony of peace and relaxation throughout your stay. With several types of rooms, there is an amazing stay waiting for every type of guest.

The “My Spirit” rooms are trendy and offer a separate living area and a bedroom loft, while the “My Mind” and “My Energy” rooms offer a lovely furnished balcony with great views of the palm tree-surrounded pool or the Hoi An town. The largest and most spacious rooms are the “My Soul” rooms which are over 55m² and include a bar, balcony, but most impressively the 360-degree rotating satellite television.

My Energy Bathroom at the Almanity Hoi An Wellness Resort in Hoi An, Vietnam
Image Credit: © Almanity Hoi An Wellness Resort

But if you’re really serious about having an unforgettable stay in Hoi An, then book the “My Heart” room. Not only do these rooms have a balcony, but they’re located in the spa. If that’s not enough, the pièce de résistance is having a private open-air jacuzzi. After a day in the spa or exploring the area, there’s no better place to wind down than in your own jacuzzi.

We would be remiss in talking about Almanity Hoi An Resort without highlighting their incredible spa, My Chi Spa! Rich in culture and ancient traditions, the largest spa in Vietnam has everything the heart, soul, and body could want. Luckily, with each day of your stay you’ll get to fully immerse yourself in their wellness journeys with a complimentary 90-minute spa treatment.

Whether you chose the Moon Rhythm or Bamboo treatment, know that peace will greet as soon as you enter the spa and your Soul guide (or personal attendant) will help you embark on a wellness journey where natural herbs, teas and professional techniques are used to bring you back to 100%!

My Chi Spa at the Almanity Hoi An Wellness Resort in Hoi An, Vietnam
Image Credit: © Almanity Hoi An Wellness Resort

If daily free spa treatments aren’t the icing on the cake then their countless other services and amenities will be. From free morning yoga classes, free bike uses to quieting your mind with tai chi, meditation, or simply relaxing in silence in the silent sanctuary, you’ll find My Chi Spa’s local legends and fables blend perfectly with holistic wellness to give every guest a world-class experience at My Chi Spa.

When it’s time to eat, sure there are many restaurants just a 10-minute walk away, but the on-site dining at their sophisticated Four Plates Restaurant will make you forget all about them. Two local organic farms set the stage for some of the amazing ingredients you’ll enjoy throughout your culinary journey at Almanity Hoi An Resort & Spa.

Four Plates Restaurant at the Almanity Hoi An Wellness Resort in Hoi An, Vietnam
Image Credit: © Almanity Hoi An Wellness Resort

The extensive complimentary buffet breakfast guarantees a great start to each day, as even the pickiest of eaters will be able to find something delicious. Chef Vien has created a perfect menu highlighting the best of Vietnamese, Japanese, Italian, and grilled cuisines. Guests are even invited to join one of the chefs for a delicious Vietnamese cooking class.

Care for a nightcap, an amazing compliment to your tapas dish, or 2-for-1 happy hour? Their Blue Bottle Bar , which is decorated in cool blue bottles inspired by spice traders, has a ton of innovative concoctions and cocktails that include everything from basic teas to drinks with organic vegetables and fruits. The culinary journey Almanity Hoi An Resort & Spa’s has created is hard to beat.

True Vietnamese hospitality lives here, and the staff has everything covered for a luxurious and relaxing stay at Almanity Hoi An Resort & Spa. With a true passion for giving guests a premier quality experience they won’t forget, you’ll see that every detail of the resort is designed with your relaxation in mind. There’s no better place to stay in Hoi An than Almanity Hoi An Resort & Spa.

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