Kukulkan Pyramid in Chichen Itza Site, Mexico
Pakhnyushchy / shutterstock.com

20 Best Ruins in Mexico

There are over 4,400 Maya sites throughout Latin America, with many of them located in Mexico. One could easily spend a whole lifetime exploring all the ruins in Mexico. But since you probably don’t have a lifetime to spare while on vacation in Mexico, here are some of the must-visit Mayan ruins in Mexico.

1. Chichen Itza

Kukulkan Pyramid in Chichen Itza Site, Mexico
Pakhnyushchy / shutterstock.com

2. Palenque

Palenque Mayan ruins in Chiapas Mexico
Libor Píška / shutterstock.com

3. Calakmul

Calakmul Ruins in Mexico
Trifoglio / shutterstock.com

4. Tulum

Mayan ruins in Tulum, Mexico
Jo Ann Snover / shutterstock.com

5. Monte Alban

Monte Alban Site in Oaxaca, Mexico
Francky38 / shutterstock.com

6. Teotihuacan

Pyramid of the Sun seen from Pyramid of the Moon in Teotihuacan, Mexico.
Dreamframer / shutterstock.com

7. Ek Balam

Ruins of the ancient Mayan temple in Ek Balama in Temozon, Yucatan, Mexico
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8. Yaxchilan

Top of a pyramid in Yaxchilan, Mexico
BorisVetshev / shutterstock.com

9. Bonampak

Mayan Mural Painting from Bonampak 03 Mural Replica of the original fresco found in "The Temple of the Murals" in an ancient Maya archeological site called Bonampak in Chiapas, Mexico
Leon Rafael / shutterstock.com

10. Coba

Tourist climb the Pyramid Nohoch Mul at the ruins of the Mayan city Coba, Mexico
Matyas Rehak / shutterstock.com

11. Uxmal

Uxmal pyramid, an ancient Mayan Ruin in Mexico
K_Boonnitrod / shutterstock.com

12. Edzna

Famous Mayan city Edzna near by Campeche, Mexico
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13. Chicanna

Beautiful Mayan temple in the ruins of Chicanna, Mexico
Jess Kraft / shutterstock.com

14. El Rey

El Rey Mayan Ruins in Cancun, Mexico
Ritu Manoj Jethani / shutterstock.com

15. Chacchoben

Chacchoben Mayan Ruins, Mexico
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16. El Tajin

Archaeological site of El Tajin, Veracruz, Mexico
akramer / shutterstock.com

17. Xochicalco

Temple of the Feathered Serpent in Xochicalco in Mexico
Noradoa / shutterstock.com

18. Tula

Pyramid of Quetzalcoatl (Morning Star) with Toltec Warriors columns in ceremonial site, Tula Grande, Mexico
Madrugada Verde / shutterstock.com

19. Templo Mayor

Templo Mayor in the historic center of Mexico city
javarman / shutterstock.com

20. Mitla

Archaeological site of Mitla, Oaxaca (Mexico)
Noradoa / shutterstock.com

21. Labna

Ruins of the ancient Mayan city of Labna, Mexico
Lev Levin / shutterstock.com

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