10 Best Pet Blankets for Dogs and Cats


We all love a good blanket – even pooches and kitties. And sooner or later, every pet owner is bound to search for a dog or cat blanket. It might be because your pet keeps stealing your favorite one or for a variety of other reasons. Maybe it’s to offer your furry kids a bit of comfort and security while you’re away at work. Or maybe it’s to cover the couch because you’re tired of vacuuming up all the left-behind fur. Sometimes it’s even nice to lay a pet blanket across the backseat of your car to catch the grass, dirt, and dripping fur they bring in after a day at the park.

Regardless of what it is, the options out there are endless, and you might be wondering how to choose the best dog or cat blanket for your pet. Let us help you with a handy how-to guide and a list of our favorite picks on the market.

Quick Answer: The Best Blankets for Dogs and Cats

Best Overall Pet Blanket

1. Furrybaby Premium Fluffy Fleece Pet Blanket

Furrybaby Premium Fluffy Fleece Pet Blanket

If you’re looking for something as colorful as it is soft, Furrbaby makes the sweetest puppy blankets. Offered in colors like pink and baby blue, lavender, and red, they are the perfect complement for your adorable canine friends. But the jumbo-size option means they aren’t just reserved for puppies; these pet blankets can be shared with big dogs, too. The eco-friendly fleece material is machine washable, plus fade- and shred-resistant. Use it liberally as a pet blanket for the couch, and wash it as often as you need without worrying about a thing. We’re sure your pet will thank you for it, as the Furrybaby Premium Fluffy Fleece Pet Blanket will be the best doggie blanket your pet has ever had.

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Best Value Pet Blanket

2. Comsmart Warm Blanket for Dogs and Cats

Comsmart Warm Blanket for Dogs and Cats

When it comes to value, the Comsmart paw print blanket is where it’s at! There’s nothing fussy about it, and it really ticks off all the boxes in terms of price, size, softness, cuteness, and function. Plus, it comes in a six-pack, making it easy to keep one in the car, one on the couch, and one on the pet bed and still have extras to hold you over between washings. And it’s perfect for both cats and small dogs. Just plop one down any place you want to protect a surface from pet dander, claw scratches, drool, or whatever mess your pawed friend might leave behind. The thin, ultrasoft fleece material is simple to wash and dries quickly, so just toss your blankets in the machine to use them over and over again.

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Most Stylish Pet Blanket

FunnyFuzzy Leaf Shape Dog Blanket

Dog blankets don’t have to be boring to look at. In fact, FunnyFuzzy’s Leaf-Shaped Dog Blanket is anything but boring! This chic and aesthetically pleasing dog blanket comes in a variety of different shapes and colors. It’s made with a soft-to-touch cotton-polyester material, making it machine-washable, dryer-friendly, and hassle-free. The blanket is also large enough for big doggos or to double as a mat that blends in perfectly with home décor. 

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Best Blanket for Puppies, Cats or Small Dogs

3. Pet Parents Pawtect Waterproof Cat & Dog Blanket

Pet Parents Pawtect Waterproof Cat & Dog Blanket

Especially if you’re bringing home a member of a new litter, it’s a good idea to find a specialized blanket for puppy and kitten friends. You have to assume they haven’t been housebroken or litter-trained yet, so you’ll need to find a really good waterproof blanket for pets. The Pet Parents Pawtect Waterproof Cat & Dog Blanket is one of the best dog blankets for puppies that is also a great blanket for cats. Key features include WickQuick and EdgePawtector technologies that prevent liquids from puddling and spilling out. Instead, liquids are drawn away from the edges and are trapped within the impermeable waterproof barrier. Yet, unlike other waterproof pet blankets, it doesn’t have a crunchy or scratchy material; the Sherpup fabric is super-soft and perfectly suitable for cuddling. And, in addition to all of that, this blanket is affordable, too!

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Best Waterproof Pet Blankets

4. Petmaker Waterproof Pet Blanket

Petmaker Waterproof Pet Blanket

There are so many reasons to opt for a waterproof product when you’re choosing a blanket for your dog or cat – not just for pet messes but for drool, wet grass, and rain droplets, too. This one by Petmaker is our favorite waterproof blanket for dogs for its size and versatility, but also because it’s large, super-soft, and easy to clean. At 60 by 50 inches, it’s suitable for covering a section of the couch, carpet, bed, or the seat of a car. In addition, it’s reversible and features an internal layer that stops liquids and stains from seeping through. One side is PU water-resistant flannel, and the other is a plush 230GSM Sherpa fleece. Plus, the beautiful gray charcoal color and paw print embroidery give it a beautiful presentation you’ll be proud to display anywhere.

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Best Pet Blanket for the Bed

5. Ameritex Waterproof Dog Bed Cover Pet Blanket

Ameritex Waterproof Dog Bed Cover Pet Blanket

For many fur parents, one of the greatest joys of pet ownership is inviting their pooches to snuggle on the bed. And there’s probably nothing more comforting than choosing a waterproof dog blanket for beds that comes with a guarantee. The Ameritex Waterproof Dog Bed Cover is specially designed with two water-resistant microfiber outer layers and hypoallergenic microfiber filling plus TPU waterproof coating. Ameritex is so confident that this technology will prevent moisture or liquids from leaking onto your bed, they back it with a 100% money-back guarantee. But this waterproof dog bed cover goes beyond function and also delivers on style and versatility. It features beautiful quilted stitching and a wide range of reversible colors, giving it a luxurious appearance. Plus, it’s machine washable and comes in numerous size options suitable for couches and cars, too.

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Best Pet Blankets for the Couch

6. Pawsse Waterproof Pet Blanket

Pawsse Waterproof Pet Blanket

When it comes to choosing the best dog blankets for couches, the first priority is protecting your furniture from wet messes and pet fur. The second priority is how it looks in your living room. The makers of the Pawsse Waterproof Pet Blanket definitely understand these preferences, putting waterproof features and style first. A waterproof layer is attached to the Sherpa lining, ensuring that this pet blanket is both soft and effective. The blanket also features an attractive two-tone design, and you can choose your favorite patterns and colors that match your bedroom or living room. It also comes in four different sizes, allowing you to choose a small size appropriate for pet travel bags and carriers or big enough for a bed or a couch. And it can easily be cleaned with the gentle cycle on your washing machine.

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Best Dog Blanket for the Car

7. PAWZ Road Pet Dog Blanket

PAWZ Road Pet Dog Blanket

If you’re seeking out the best dog blanket for the car, aim for something small, lightweight, cute, and functional. PAWZ Road Pet Dog Blanket does just that with its polka dot print, velveteen pet blanket measuring just 24 by 32 inches. You can choose from several different color themes, including pink, blue, beige, and gray. The pet blanket is machine washable, won’t fade or shred, and even comes with a 100% satisfaction guaranteed clause. This makes it the perfect travel blanket for your pet whether you want to lay it on the back seat, pack it into a travel dog bag, or snuggle it into a carrying crate.

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Most Luxurious Pet Blankets

8. Best Friends by Sheri Calming Cat and Dog Throw Blanket

Best Friends by Sheri Calming Cat and Dog Throw Blanket

Even though luxury might not be the first thing you consider when shopping for a pet blanket, there are some cats and dogs out there who can certainly appreciate the finer things in life. And the luxury shag blankets made by Best Friends by Sheri are sure to impress your pet diva. The ultraplush vegan shag fur is designed to mimic the softness and warmth of a mother’s fur. It comes in several neutral tones, including pink, oyster, frost, dark brown, and taupe. Plus, it’s suitable for tiny and big dogs alike, with an upper limit of 60 pounds. The dual-side lightweight shag can be used to wrap your pet in warmth, laid out like a rug, or even laid over a carrier to provide added comfort while traveling. And it is easy to clean and is both washing-machine and tumble-dryer safe.

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Most Versatile Pet Blanket

9. PetFusion Premium Ultra Soft Pet Blanket 

PetFusion Premium Ultra Soft Pet Blanket

If you’re wondering what components are necessary to make a really cool dog blanket, let PetFusion spell it out for you. It starts with premium, ultrasoft, environmentally friendly materials, and double-layer, reversible, shed-resistant fabrics. It also comes in multiple sizes to fit inside dog carriers, on the couch or bed, in the back of the car, or even on the floor. Plus, it’s machine washable, has a 12-month warranty, and won’t break the bank.

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Pet Blanket With the Best Materials

10. PetAmi Waterproof Dog Blanket

PetAmi Waterproof Dog Blanket

While it might initially seem impossible to find a beautiful fleece or flannel dog blanket that is also waterproof, that’s actually not true at all. Some of the best dog bedding supplies out there have done it, and PetAmi is one of them. The company has combined the best of both worlds by layering luxurious fabrics together with a waterproof interior membrane. It’s flannel on one side, Sherpa fleece on the other, and reinforced with a 460 GSM premium microfiber polyester middle that stops liquids from pooling and rolling from one side to the other. It effectively protects your furniture from pet hair, scratching, chewing, drool, and even potty accidents. Additionally, it comes in a variety of sizes, colors, and patterns to fit whichever space you prefer.

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How to Choose the Best Blankets for Dogs

These are the things you’ll want to consider when choosing a dog blanket:

1. Size 

We all know that dogs come in just about every size and shape, and so do the blankets for them. It goes without saying that you’ll need to choose a size-appropriate blanket for your pooch. So, whether you have a teacup terrier or a Great Dane, look closely at the fine print to make sure you’re getting what you bargained for. 

Beyond the size of your dog, you’ll also want to think about where you plan on putting the blanket. For example, dog blankets are often designed to protect certain pieces of furniture like beds and couches. You’ll need to look for specific measurements to be sure the blanket will cover the intended space in your home.

Other dog blankets are made for travel, so you might be looking for blankets that fit over the back seat of your car or that can fit inside or over a dog carrier. It’s even possible that you’ll need a small and lightweight pet blanket that can fold down and fit inside a pet travel bag.

2. Colors & Patterns 

It might seem surprising, but dogs can be particular about the colors and patterns they like. If you’ve never paid attention before, watch closely to see if your dog seems to gravitate toward certain colors or patterns. If you already own a dog bed, you might consider getting a blanket in a matching or similar style.

If it isn’t obvious what your dog prefers, it’s better to opt for solid patterns and neutral colors until you have a better idea. After all, your dog may not like hot pink or lightning bolts as much as you do.

After you’ve put your dog’s preferences first, it’s also a good idea to consider where the pet blanket will be seen. If it’s going to be laying on your couch or across your bed, decide if it’s important to you that the blanket matches your existing décor. Then choose desirable colors or patterns accordingly.

3. Material & Durability 

Before choosing a material, think about things like where you live and the climate, as well as what kind of fur your dog has and what the purpose of the blanket is.

Although flannel and fleece blankets are quite appealing, your dog will probably hate it if it just makes him or her too hot. But if the whole point is to give your pooch some added warmth and comfort, then soft, fluffy materials are a great idea. Just keep in mind that some thick or heavy materials could also prove awkward, uncomfortable, and debilitating for small, weak, old, or sick pets.

If you’re primarily getting a dog blanket to protect your car, bed, furniture, or carpet from fur, dirt, and wetness then it’s better to prioritize other materials. Look for fabrics that are both waterproof and durable. It’s an added bonus if they have particle trapping properties and are easy to wash.

4. Price 

When it comes to pricing, it’s important to pay close attention to what you’re paying for and why. 

Your dog really isn’t going to care how much the blanket costs. And you’ll definitely want to ensure you don’t shell out a bundle to replace unnecessarily expensive pet blankets. But some features could be worth paying extra for, like hypoallergenic and antibacterial fabrics. Or it might be important to you to choose environmentally friendly products. Also, if you pay more for blankets that are durable, waterproof, and washable, it might be worth it in the long run when they last longer and you don’t have to buy replacements as often.

All that being said, if you don’t need something particular, don’t hesitate to go for the simple, budget-friendly options. Sometimes it’s not necessary to complicate things when a small, affordable, fuzzy blanket is all you really need.

How to Choose the Best Cat Blankets

If you are looking for a cat blanket, it’s less likely that you’ll need to worry about your pet dragging in dirt and mud from the outdoors. Cats also don’t seem to be as particular about colors and patterns, so choosing a blanket is a little easier than choosing one for a dog. Plus, cat sizes don’t vary a whole lot, so that makes the process simpler, too. Even so, you’ll still want to consider the following:

1. Size 

When it comes to the size of cat blankets, it’s usually a one-size-fits-all approach. And that size is small. If you’re looking for a dog blanket that doubles as a cat blanket, the idea is the same: Opt for a small dog size.

If you’ll be using the blanket to transport your cat, ensure it’s small enough to comfortably fit both the cat and the blanket inside the pet carrier.

2. Material & Durability

The most important aspect to think about when buying a cat blanket is if the material will withstand kneading and scratching. Most cats will put their claws into the material at some point, so it’s important to choose a blanket that won’t easily rip or pull apart.

If you have a cat that isn’t litter-trained or suffers from incontinence, remember to look for pet blankets that are both waterproof and machine washable.

3. Price

As when buying a pet blanket for a dog, pay attention to what you’re paying for. If it’s a more expensive blanket, be sure you’re paying for quality and specialty materials that warrant a higher price. Hypoallergenic, antibacterial, or environmentally friendly products might cost more but for a good reason.

If you don’t have any particular needs or requirements for buying a cat blanket, don’t hesitate to opt for a quality, budget-friendly choice that will adequately serve its purpose.

Pet blankets are an ideal accessory for your pet, offering comfort to your furry friends plus protection from fur, dirt, and wet messes where you need it most. And now that you’re armed with the right information and a list of the best pet blankets out there, you can choose the right one for your couch, bed, car or anywhere you desire.



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