10 Best Pool Floats to Travel With This Summer


No summer is complete without spending some time on the water. Whether you want to spend your time in your pool or at the beach, we want to make sure you don’t forget the best summer accessory of all – a pool float. With summer just around the corner, we know you’re busy stocking up on swimsuits and sunscreen, so we’ve listed the best pool floats so you can spend your summer in style.

BigMouth Inc Gigantic Donut Pool Float, Strawberry Frosted with Sprinkles

Giant Donut

They say money can’t buy happiness, but it can buy you a giant donut to float on! This float will be a big hit with your family and friends whether you’re in your pool, on the beach, or floating down a river. There’s no better way to spend your day lounging in the sun than on a floating donut :)

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GoFloats Unicorn Party Tube Inflatable Raft

Magical Unicorn

Whoever said unicorns aren’t real hasn’t seen this sexy, 3ft tall magical float in action! Wow the disbelievers and add some magic to your party with this unicorn float.

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Intex Giant Gator Ride-On

Giant Gator

For play or lounging, this is one of the best pool inflatables you’ll find. Not only will this giant gator make you look cool, it will also scare away those annoying ducks swimming in your pool. Yup, killing two birds with one stone, or should I say price.

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Swimline Giant Pretzel Swim Fun Inflatable Floating Seat

Giant Pretzel

This float really cuts the mustard! Fun for the whole family, everyone will want a piece of this giant, tasty snack.

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Swimline Large Jumbo Inflatable Giant Swan

The Original Giant Swan

It’s time for you to finally blossom into the beautiful swan that you are. Gracefully glide across the water in style as you enjoy your favorite cocktail.

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BigMouth Inc. Giant Watermelon Pool Float

Giant Watermelon

Nothing spells summer quite like water and melon. This juicy snack tops the list of best pool floats to hit the sweet spot for lazy days in the water.

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BigMouth Inc. Giant Pineapple Pool Float

Giant Pineapple

We know you can’t live in the pineapple undersea (bummer), so why not bring that pineapple to surface and chill on it instead! It’s the perfect solution!

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BigMouth Inc. Giant Ice Pop Pool Float

Giant Ice Pop

What better way to cool down on a sweltering day than on a Giant ice pop! And no worries, this ice pop won’t melt away with the burning sun.

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BigMouth Inc Giant Red Gummy Bear Pool Float

Giant Red Gummy Bear

Your new best friend is here to help you beat the heat. This adorable gummy bear is sure to satisfy your sweet tooth as you relax in the water and catch some rays.

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BigMouth Inc. Giant Popcorn Pool Float

Giant Popcorn

Add some flavor to your pool with this giant popcorn float. Lounge around in the water or let it double as an air mattress for movie night.

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GAME Derby Duck Inflatable Swimming Pool Float

Derby Duck

This float is everything it’s quacked up to be and more. Bringing cool to your pool, this classic duck provides endless hours of fun for the whole family. Don’t forget to keep your favorite snacks and drinks stocked in the cup holders so you can spend the whole day in your float.

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Cool pool rafts are all the rage, and we want to make sure you don’t miss out even when you are traveling. So here’s to your summer and having one of the best pool floats for you to max and relax in style. Cheers!



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