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10 Best Tours in Berlin, Germany


Even with reminders of the city’s harsh past all around, Berlin has still emerged as diamond. Whether you’re interested in the history and architecture of the past or the street art and creativity of the present, Berlin has countless tours for you. To make sure you get the highest quality experiences, check out our list of the best tours in Berlin below.

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Tour bus in Berlin, Germany
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Hop-on Hop-off Bus Tour Ticket

While most hop-on hop-off tours only offer audio commentary, you’ll get exciting live commentary with this hop-on hop-off tour in Berlin. To get a comprehensive look at the greatest attractions in the city, this tops the list of the best tours in Berlin. Tours start every day at 9:30am and one ticket allows you 7+ hours of hop-on hop-off time, meaning you’ll have ample time to pass all of the sights then decide which ones you want to explore more later. Having a friendly and lively tour guide makes this experience that much better as you get a glimpse of sights like Potsdamer Platz and Checkpoint Charlie. There’s no better way to get an introduction to this city than the Hop-on Hop-off Bus Tour.

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Trabi Car in front of the Reichstag Building in Berlin, Germany
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75-Minute Trabi Safari

Take exploring Berlin into your own hands by squeezing into the official car of East Germany and driving past popular Berlin sights like the Brandenburg Gate, the Berlin Cathedral and the Berlin Wall with live radio commentary in your car. You’ll never forget this one-of-a-kind tour, especially since you get a Trabi driver’s license souvenir at the end of your tour. Is there anything better than getting to know Berlin while zipping around in a legendary Trabant?

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Airport Tempelhof in Berlin, Germany
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Berlin Tempelhof Airport Tour

Who would want to take a tour of an airport, you ask? Well, Berlin Tempelhof isn’t just any airport. Packed with history and unique architecture, any history buff will absolutely love this tour. Travel through 100 years of European history and learn why Tempelhof was so important before, during, and after the Nazi regime. This spectacular building had major impacts on everything from international aviation to the Cold War. With this exclusive Berlin Tempelhof Airport Tour you’ll get access to previously undiscovered areas of this protected monument! Though there are a lot of stairs to climb, you won’t think twice about them as the interesting things and facts you’ll experience will make each step worth it.

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Aerial view of Berlin skyline with famous TV tower and Spree river in beautiful evening light at sunset in summer, Germany
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Discover Berlin Walking Tour

Discover Berlin is the ultimate walking tour and by the end of it, there will be no question in your mind as to why it’s one of the best tours in Berlin. This four-hour walking tour guides you through the best of Berlin and its history. From visiting Museum Island to standing over the place where Adolf Hitler committed suicide, nothing is left out on this tour. The knowledgeable tour guide will bring Berlin’s history to life with stories from the city’s origin in medieval times to 21st-century Berlin! Not only will the tour be educational, but also comical as the guides are hilarious! They add the perfect amount of humor needed when learning about history. Whether this is your first walking tour or your 100th, it’s sure to be one of your favorites.

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Berlin Day City Bike Tour

If you want to get out and get active while seeing the city, then cycle your way around Berlin on this five-hour bike tour. Visit the Berlin Wall and the site of the Nazis’ infamous book-burning. Stand on the death strip under a watchtower, soak up amazing scenery as you cross through Tiergarten Park, and enjoy a lovely lunch at a nice beer garden. Covering about six miles of the best that Berlin has to offer, with commentary about the city’s troubled history and fantastic future, this tour is a must for every traveler. If you’re short on time, but still want to see as much of Berlin as possible, then look no further than the Berlin Day City Bike Tour.

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The Brandenburg Gate in Berlin at sunrise, Germany
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Brandenburg Gate and Reichstag Dome Tour

Enjoy views for days on the Brandenburg Gate and Reichstag Dome Tour. Witness some of the best views in the city as you head up to the glass dome atop the Reichstag building. Once on the roof you’ll not only get a view of the Brandenburg Gate, but also a great perspective of the TV Tower, City West, and more. As you discover the highlights of the city’s Parliamentary Quarter, and admire some of Berlin’s best sights from above while getting a get a glimpse of Berlin’s colorful past, you’ll know you chose one of the best tours in Berlin.

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View of Jewish Holocaust Memorial, Berlin, Germany
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Third Reich Berlin Tour

Learn all there is to know about the rise and fall of Nazi Germany on the Third Reich Berlin Tour. Travel back to the darkest days of WWII and hear about all the behind-the-scenes details of the Nazis, Gestapo, and the SS during the regime. This four-hour walking tour starts in West Berlin and takes you all the way to the path of the Soviet attack near the final battlefield of the Reichstag. You’ll see a ton of sights in between, from the Cross of Coventry to the ruins of Himmler’s SS and Gestapo HQs. The riveting commentary will have you engaged and entertained throughout the tour. Led by an expert guide, any and everything you could want to know about the Nazi regime will be answered on the Third Reich Berlin Tour.

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Sanssouci Palace in Potsdam
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Potsdam: Sanssouci Palace Guided Tour from Berlin

Make sure you have your camera ready as you get to know the best of this former royal city on this tour to Potsdam. Explore the city where Frederick the Great once resided, and prepare to be amazed at the palace of Sanssouci and all the amazing sights it has to offer. It boasts gorgeous gardens, the majestic New Palace, and even a Chinese teahouse that guarantee to impress. Grandeur and history combine to make this a perfect tour for your time in Berlin.

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East Side Gallery in Berlin, Germany
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Berlin Street Art and Graffiti Tour and Workshop

Join Berlin’s artistic community with this street art tour and workshop. Meet real local artists and learn the ins and outs of street art in Berlin. Not only will you learn the origins of this underground phenomenon, but you’ll get insider knowledge of the unwritten rules among writers and artists. Travel through the backstreets of the city to get a glimpse of some of the latest and greatest graffiti Berlin has to offer. After admiring Berlin’s best urban art, it’s time to try your hand in this fantastic art form and become a street artist as you decorate the walls of an abandoned factory complex with your masterpiece and leave your mark on Berlin. To solidify this as one of the best tours in Berlin, you’ll even create a piece of street art you can take home.

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Beautiful view of historic Berlin Cathedral (Berliner Dom) at famous Museum Island with ship passing Friedrichsbrucke bridge on Spree river in golden evening light at sunset in summer, Berlin, Germany
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1-Hour Berlin City Tour by Boat

This is your chance to see Berlin from the water. Cruise down the River Spree from Friedrichstraße to Nikolaiviertel all while being entertained. The open-top boat makes this an ideal tour for capturing amazing pictures as you pass by everything from the House of World Cultures to Bellevue Palace. Perfect for guests of all ages, you don’t want to miss this fun tour during your time in Berlin.

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Memorial statue at Sachsenhausen concentration camp memorial site. Over 200,000 prisoners were imprisoned here from 1936 until liberation on April 22 1945
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Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp Tour from Berlin

Auschwitz may be the most famous, but Sachsenhauser was the one that set the standard for all the concentration camps that followed. This half-day tour will begin with a charming train ride through the northern suburbs to the prison camp. The terrible history will come alive as your guide leads you through many parts of the camp including the Jewish barracks, the gallows, and a killing center. Learn about the tragedies that were happening inside of the Gestapo prison while the world’s eyes were distracted by the 1936 Olympic Games. Though such a somber and humbling site, your guide is sure to provide you with an interesting and excellent experience.

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With so much to do in this great city, the best tours in Berlin are sure to give you the most for your time.



  • Thanks so much, Agness! Agreed :) Berlin is so great and the tours make it even better!

  • Berlin is probably one of the most beautiful cities I’ve been to and your post was so inspiring, Robin! These tours seem to offer an ultimate experience there. I’ll keep them in mind for next time I’m there!

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