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How to Buy Tickets to Schindler’s Factory in Krakow


Of all the destinations that belong on a Poland itinerary, the city of Kraków is the one for which people usually need the least convincing. Kraków is a beautiful historic city that easily enchants visitors with its historic center and fascinating cultural connections. Among the many things to do in Kraków, visiting Schindler’s Factory is typically at the top of people’s lists.

Made famous through the movie Schindler’s List, which tells the story of Jewish workers at the factory during World War II, this landmark has become a museum that many can’t wait to visit. With so much interest in the museum, it can get pretty busy, which means that planning your visit and securing Schindler’s Factory tickets is quite important. And that’s why we’ve made this guide on how to buy tickets for Schindler’s Factory – to answer all your questions about organizing your visit.

Quick Answer – How to Buy Tickets to Schindler’s Factory: Unless you like spending your vacation waiting in long lines, we highly recommended you book your admission ticket to Schindler’s Factory in advance here. Or, if you’d like to learn a little bit more about Oskar Schindler and how he saved more than 1,000 Jews during the holocaust, book a guided tour here.

Best Ways to Get Tickets to Schindler’s Factory

With its popularity among international visitors to Kraków, it makes sense that there are a variety of ways you can get tickets for the museum. Working out which is the right approach will depend on how organized you are and what else you plan on doing in Kraków. Below, we’ve identified where to buy tickets for Schindler’s Factory for each option, so that you can see why we recommend booking in advance and choose the option that works best for you.

1. Line Up in Person (Not Recommended)

Visit any popular tourist attraction and you’ll quickly learn that waiting in line to get a ticket is no fun. Well, that’s the experience you’re in for if you wait until you arrive to buy tickets to Schindler’s Factory. Because it is one of Kraków’s most internationally recognizable attractions, you can expect quite a lot of people also wanting to visit. However, the factory’s capacity restrictions could mean you have a wait for the next available scheduled entry if you show up without a ticket.

2. Book Online

Booking tickets to Schindler’s Factory in advance is not only a better use of your time but also easy to do. By spending a little time organizing your visit, you’ll be able to enter the museum exactly when you want and have more time for sightseeing. There’s also the benefit of having skip-the-line tickets to Schindler’s Factory, meaning you can head straight into the museum without any waiting around.

Schindler’s Factory tickets can be booked through the official website for the museum. However, there are parts of the official website that aren’t fully translated and there’s no information available on their refund policy.

Instead, we recommend booking through this link. These tickets, while a little more expensive, are easy to book and can be canceled up to 24 hours in advance for a full refund. Plans change all the time when traveling, especially these days, and you’ll be grateful for the option to cancel if yours do.

3. Book a Guided Tour (Recommended)

A guided tour of Schindler’s Factory is an excellent idea for tourists looking to learn and experience as much as possible from this remarkable historical landmark. This option allows you to learn even more about this period in history from a professional tour guide than would be possible touring Schindler’s Factory by yourself.

Again, private guided tours can be booked through the official website, but we suggest buying tickets for touring through this link. This option is cheaper for one or two people and comes with a 24-hour free cancellation window.

4. Purchase a Tourist Pass

A great way for tourists to save some money when sightseeing in Kraków is to get a city pass for their trip. The Kraków City Pass is a tourist pass that includes entry to a long list of the best tourist attractions around the city. This means it not only works as your ticket to Schindler’s Factory but also to other attractions like St. Mary’s Church, the Old Synagogue, and the Kraków Archaeological Museum. You can also choose a pass that includes free public transportation, allowing you to easily get around the city as you please.

 Oskar Schindler's Enamel factory museum in Krakow, Poland
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Useful Information for Visiting Schindler’s Factory

What’s the Best Time to Visit Schindler’s Factory?

Kraków may not have many attractions that are very well known with international visitors, but Schindler’s Factory is definitely one of them. This means you can expect it to be one of the busier places you go in Kraków. As such, it can be useful to know when you can have a quieter experience.

Generally speaking, you’ll find the museum at its busiest on weekends as is often the case with city-break destinations like Kraków. Instead, it will probably be better to visit during the week, with first thing in the morning usually being a good time. As visiting the factory is an indoor activity, you can also leave it until the late afternoon or early evening as tourists head off for their hotels and dinner.

Schindler’s Factory Hours of Operation

Schindler’s Factory is open every day of the week except for the first Tuesday of the month. During the off-season, from November to March, the museum is open from 10:00 to 14:00 on Mondays and from 10:00 to 18.00 the rest of the week. Peak season is from April to October, and the opening hours are from 10:00 to 14:00 on Mondays and 10:00 to 19.00 every other day of the week. Last entry to the museum is 90 minutes before closing time.

How to Get to Schindler’s Factory

Getting to the museum while in Kraków isn’t too difficult, but it’s worth explaining because of the museum’s location. Schindler’s Factory is located in Zabłocie, a neighborhood separate from Kraków’s Old Town and the majority of its attractions.

Your exact route to the factory will depend on where you’re coming from, but we’ll cover getting from the Old Town and Kazimierz, the most common sightseeing areas.

Coming from the Old Town, you can take the 24 and 50 tram lines to Zabłocie tram stop or the 3 and 24 tram lines to Bohaterow Getta. From Kazimierz, you can also take the 3 and 24 tram lines to Bohaterow Getta or the 6 and 13 lines to Limanowskiego.

Original office used by Oskar Schindler secretary to write the Oskar Schindler's list. On display in Oskar Schindler's Enamel factory museum in Krakow, Poland
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How Do Schindler’s Factory Tickets Work?

Tickets to Schindler’s Factory are relatively straightforward, so there shouldn’t be any confusion about what they offer or how to use them.

There is only one type of Schindler’s Factory ticket, and it provides admission to the museum’s permanent exhibition. During the booking process, you’ll need to select an entry time based on the available scheduled time slots, which are every 20 or 30 minutes. After payment, you’ll receive your ticket via email.

How Much Do Tickets for Schindler’s Factory Cost?

A common question for tourists hoping to visit this Kraków attraction is how much tickets to Schindler’s Factory cost.

General admission tickets bought through the official website cost 28 PLN for adults and 24 PLN for students. It is also possible to purchase a family ticket for 56 PLN that covers a family of four. A tour guide can be booked as well, costing 160 PLN.

It is also possible to get free entry to the museum’s permanent exhibition each Monday if you are able to secure one of the limited free tickets available. One point to note is that these free tickets are only truly free when reserved through the official website, as other places will still charge a small booking fee to reserve your ticket.

Representation of live style of Jewish people in ghettos in German-occupied Poland. Inside Oskar Schindler's Enamel factory museum in Krakow, Poland
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Best Hotels for Schindler’s Factory

Kraków is a destination with plenty of places to stay, many of which are found in or around the city’s historical center. However, another option is to stay in the Zabłocie district near Schindler’s Factory, an option that may suit those who want to see more of the city or simply prefer to be close to the museum to make it easier to visit. Below are a few suggestions of places near the factory to save you some research.

The closest luxury accommodation to the museum is probably Hotel Copernicus, a five-star hotel at the southern end of the Old Town. There you’ll enjoy traditionally-styled rooms inside a stunning Renaissance building, plus countless amenities such as a sauna, spa, and indoor swimming pool.

For a balance of comfort and value, you can’t do better than Lwowska 1. This aparthotel delights with spacious rooms that have a clean and modern design; it also has a spa center and sauna. Schindler’s Factory is just a few minutes’ walk away.

Of Kraków’s many great budget options, Hostel Kaktus Kraków is the most convenient for visiting the museum. This hostel is 10 minutes on foot from the factory and offers guests the choice of dorms and private rooms, friendly staff, and a shared kitchen and lounge.For more hostel ideas, check out our guide to Kraków’s best hostels.

Ongoing Exhibitions at Schindler’s Factory

Depending on when you visit the factory museum, there may be a temporary exhibition that you can choose to experience. Tickets for temporary exhibitions are bought separately from general admission tickets.

From May 5, 2021, to September 18, 2022, the museum is hosting a temporary exhibition called Parting – Searching: Wartime Fate of Kraków’s Inhabitants. This exhibition focuses on the experiences and struggles of individuals throughout the different stages of the war, from its outbreak to the deportations and massacres.

Exhibition on the theme of life Krakow Jews during the Second World War. Schindler's Factory Museum in Krakow, Poland
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Security Process at Schindler’s Factory

Knowing what the rules are at the museum and what the security process is like can help ensure you have a smooth visit. Rules for visitors at the factory mostly relate to what items are prohibited from being brought inside.

These items include weapons, flammable material, large umbrellas, and luggage or backpacks over 30 liters in size. However, there is a cloakroom where bags and other items like umbrellas and coats can be stored. During your visit, it is forbidden to eat, drink, and smoke, both regular cigarettes and electronic cigarettes.

Visiting Schindler’s Factory With a Disability

The museum at Schindler’s Factory has made concerted efforts to ensure that its exhibitions are accessible for all visitors. This includes a variety of accessibility features, as well as discounted ticket prices for people with disabilities and their carers or guardians.

For visitors in wheelchairs or with mobility issues, there is an elevator for access to each level of the museum and the floors of the museum are wheelchair accessible.

Visitors with a hearing impairment will find multimedia presentations, and films have subtitles and sign language translations available. For visually-impared visitors, there are typographic materials to recreate certain exhibits and audio descriptions for each exhibit. Guide dogs are permitted inside the museum.

Swastika - flag in Oskar Schindler's Enamel factory museum, Krakow, Poland
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FAQ – Facts About Schindler’s Factory

What Is Schindler’s Factory?

Oskar Schindler’s factory is a disused metal factory in Kraków that has been repurposed to host two museums, most importantly Schindler’s Factory Museum.

Why Is Schindler’s Factory Famous?

The factory is famous for being the place where businessman Oskar Schindler employed Jewish people during World War II to prevent them from being sent to concentration camps in occupied Poland. It is widely acknowledged that Schindler was able to save 1,200 Jewish lives as a result.

When Was Schindler’s Factory Built?

The enamelware factory was built in 1937, two years before the start of World War II.

Who Built Schindler’s Factory?

Oskar Schindler was not involved in the founding of the factory. Rather, it was built by three Jewish businessmen whose business failed just before the outbreak of the war.

Where Is Schindler’s Factory Located?

The factory is located in the Zabłocie neighborhood of Kraków, south of the Vistula River.

With all this information, there should be no burning questions left about your visit to Schindler’s Factory Museum. Now that you know about the tickets and why skip-the-line Schindler’s Factory tickets are so useful at this busy Kraków attraction, you are ready to organize your visit.



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