Europe Croatia Split Extreme Canyoning on Cetina River in Croatia

Extreme Canyoning on Cetina River in Croatia


When you think of Split, the first things you’ll probably think of are islands, gorgeous beaches and Old Town, but there’s so much more to Split than the “usual” experiences.

Don’t you want to experience something different, something that will truly make your visit to Croatia memorable and one of a kind?! Well, that’s exactly what you’ll get when you book an extreme canyoning tour with Iris Adventures.

What the hell is extreme canyoning you ask? Extreme canyoning is a combination of walking, hiking, sliding down rapids, swimming in natural water pools, abseiling, and cliff jumping in a canyon.

Extreme canyoning was one of the most memorable things we did on our Croatia road trip, and the simple definition doesn’t even begin to capture its awesomeness. Since words alone can’t do this unique experience justice, we figured we would just show you.

Canyoning on Cetina River in Croatia
Canyoning on Cetina River in Croatia
Canyoning on Cetina River in Croatia
Canyoning on Cetina River in Croatia
Canyoning on Cetina River in Croatia
Canyoning on Cetina River in Croatia
Canyoning on Cetina River in Croatia
Canyoning on Cetina River in Croatia

Okay if our pictures didn’t convince you that canyoning is a must do while in Croatia, this video will!!!

Canyoning the Cetina River is sure to be the most unique adventure you can experience on a day trip from Split. You will just have to do it yourself to understand the hype :)

Want to Go Canyoning Too?

If you are looking to add some unconventional experiences to your Croatia itinerary, we highly recommend doing some outdoor adventure activities, like canyoning. Here is more information about canyoning in Split.

Recommended Tour Agency: Iris Adventures

The amazing and professional team from Iris Adventures led us on an epic journey that words couldn’t possibly describe. From the gorgeous landscape to the precautions taken to make sure we were safe throughout the tour, we highly recommend Iris Adventures. As for the guides, they are awesome. Their love for what they do, sarcasm, humor, and contagiously fun vibes made our canyoning tour that much more amazing! There is no better group to go canyoning with than Iris Adventures.

Adventure Difficulty: Moderate

What I love about this outdoor adventure is that you don’t need any experience, nor do you need to know how to swim, since life vests are provided. Also, if you are not keen on cliff jumping you don’t have to do it, as they are all optional. And as for the fitness level, you don’t need to be extremely fit, but some level of fitness is required.

With Iris Adventures there are two levels to canyoning, basic and extreme. If you don’t want to do anything too crazy (but totally fun) like rappelling near a 55-meter waterfall, cliff jumping off a 10-meter cliff, or abseiling 20 meters into the Cetina River, you can choose the basic canyoning option. But I have a feeling once you’re on this adventure, you’ll change your mind and join in on the fun.

Other adventures we recommend with Iris: Rock climbing, cliff jumping and deep water soloing.

What to Bring

A Professional licensed guide, wetsuit, helmet, life vest, and climbing harness are provided by Iris Adventures

So what are you waiting for? Book your spot on a canyoning tour today!



  • Hello my gf and I would like to go tomorrow the 14th if possible. Please let us know asap. We’re in split but only are available tomorrow. Thank you

    • Hey James, you would have to contact Iris adventure directly as this is just an article about our experience with them.

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