Oceania Australia Is the Greyhound WHIMit Pass Worth It? The Ultimate Guide

Is the Greyhound WHIMit Pass Worth It? The Ultimate Guide


So you’re planning on traveling around Australia and looking to visit all the best places Australia has to offer, and now you’re wondering if Greyhound’s WHIMit Pass is worth it? Well you’ve come to the right place. This article will outline everything you need to know about the WHIMit pass and can help you make an informed decision on whether it’s for you or not.

What is the Greyhound WHIMit Pass?

The WHIMit pass by Greyhound allows pass holders to travel any route in any direction on Greyhound’s extensive bus network for as many days as the pass is for. There are six types of WHIMit passes on offer; 15 days, 30 days, 60 days, 90 days, 120 days, and 365 days, all of which allow unlimited travel on Australia’s most extensive bus network. First day of travel must commence within 12 months of purchase date.

How Does the WHIMit Pass Work? 

Once you have purchased your WHIMit pass, simply go to www.greyhound.com.au, click on ‘Manage My Booking’, and type in your booking number and PIN. From there you can reserve seats by clicking the “Add Travel Now” button.

Greyhound Australia dashboard

Though you need to reserve a seat, you don’t need to pay a reservation fee nor do you pay a cancellation fee, changing your plans is as easy as hitting the “Delete Trip” button!

The pass can be used on as many buses as you please in any direction for as many days as you choose.

How Much Does the WHIMit Pass Cost?

The price for WHIMit Pass depends on the amount of days you choose. Below is a price chart for each pass:

WHIMit Pass Price ($ AUD)Amount per day ($ AUD)
15 Day Pass $329$22 
30 Day Pass $399$13 
60 Day Pass $449$7
90 Day Pass $599$6.65 
120 Day Pass $699      $6 
365 Day Pass$1699$4.65

Where Can I Travel with the WHIMit Pass? 

The Greyhound is one of the most popular bus companies in Australia and as such offers the most extensive network in the country with over 250 stops around the country. Greyhound travels to almost all the best places in Australia including Cairns, Sydney, Melbourne, Noosa, Alice Springs, and Darwin. Routes cover the entire east coast, the red center, and parts of southern Australia. Unfortunately, the pass does not include routes from Melbourne to Adelaide and there are no routes to Perth or Western Australia with the exception of Broome.

Greyhound Australia Map

Download a detailed Network Map

Greyhound WHIMit Pass vs. Hop-On Hop-Off Passes

The Hop-On Hop-Off pass allows unlimited travel for 90 days but only in one direction from a specific start to a specific end destination and is limited just to the east coast. The WHIMit pass on the other hand is not limited by distance, direction, or destination, only by time. The WHIMit pass comparatively offers more flexibility and spontaneity. However, the Hop-On Hop-Off passes can be cheaper. So they are ideal for people who are traveling just the east coast and have everything planned well in advance with plans that guarantee they won’t backtrack. Otherwise the WHIMit would be the better option of the two. 

The WHIMit Pass is Worth It If …. 

  • The bus is your primary source of getting around Australia
  • You value flexibility without the hassle and want to plan your trip as you go. 
  • You can’t drive or don’t want to.
  • You’re a spontaneous traveler and enjoy traveling on a whim.
  • You’re not constrained by time.

The WHIMit Pass Is NOT Worth It If ….. 

  • Your Australian trip mainly focuses on traveling Western Australia, Tasmania, or the south of Australia. 
  • You’re very limited on time (tight schedule) and don’t want to spend your vacation spending hours on the bus to get from one destination to the next.

Our Experience With the WHIMit Pass 

We found the 60-day WHIMit pass to be the ultimate bus travel pass for discovering Australia via bus. Our travels took us along the east coast from Sydney to Cairns, then into the Northern Territory where we explored Darwin and the surrounding areas. From there we went through the red center to Adelaide until finally making it back to Sydney with a stopover in Melbourne. As spontaneous travelers, we loved that we could make last minute plans without having to worry about how we would get there or pay for it. No other bus pass in Australia offers such freedom and flexibility.

The booking system was very easy to use and we could book or cancel a trip in seconds with no cancellation or reservation fees, and we could pick our own seats. The benefits of going backwards, or in circles along the bus route, was ideal for our travel style. There are places like Noosa, Brisbane, and Byron Bay that we went back to more than once on our trip. We also found that there were always multiple buses leaving every day and even during high season we always found seats available, even if we booked only the day before.

The WHIMit pass does have its disadvantages as well. Unfortunately, one of the most popular routes in Australia, Melbourne to Adelaide, is not available to book with the pass and must be booked and paid for separately via a third party bus company. Also, though not directly linked to the pass, we found that the WiFi only worked at stops or within the city. Besides these few points, we felt the pass was ideal for our trip around Australia and highly recommend it.

Greyhound bus driving in Australia
Image courtesy of Greyhound Australia

Travel Tips for Traveling on Greyhound 

  • For long distance routes like Melbourne to Sydney consider going overnight to save money on accommodation as well as daylight hours. 
  • As there is no entertainment available on board, be sure to bring your own: a book, music, movies, etc. And remember, WiFi isn’t always 100% reliable. Don’t forget your headphones or headphone splitters if you are traveling with someone, as well as charging cables. 
  • Though there are scheduled meal breaks on long distance trips, you’ll probably want to pack your own snacks to save money as food at the stops can be pricey.

Suggested East Coast Australia Itinerary

If you do choose to travel around Australia with the WHIMit pass, here is a suggested east coast Australia itinerary that hits all the highlights and best places to visit. The itinerary can be done in 3-4 weeks but to fully experience the east coast without feeling rushed, or feeling like you spent most of your time getting to a destination, we would recommend 4-6 weeks.

If you were to do this trip by purchasing single bus tickets it would cost roughly AU$650, not taking into account any deals that might be available. While the Hop-On Hop-Off pass from Melbourne to Cairns costs AU$579. So in this case, the Greyhound WHIMit pass (30, 60 or even 90 days) is the preferable choice financially.

Melbourne (2-5 days)

Explore street art laneways, St. Kilda beach, Luna Park, try freakshakes, and do day trips to Peninsula hot springs and Great Ocean Road.

Sydney (2-4 days)

Visit The Opera House, Sydney Harbour Bridge, Sydney Zoo, and Bondi Beach. Hike up the Blue Mountains or stroll the Bondi to Coogee coastal walk.

Coffs Harbour,  Port Macquarie, and Newcastle (1-2 days each)

Breakup the long journey from Sydney to Byron Bay with a stop over in these towns spending a day or two at each. Explore the beaches in Port Macquarie, see the “Big Banana” in Coffs Harbour, or do a hike or two in New Castle. 

Yamba (1-2 days)

Chillout and relax on one of the 12 beaches or surf in one of the best surf towns in Australia.

Byron Bay (2- 4 days)

Take surfing lessons, relax on the beach, hike to the Lighthouse. Take a day trip to the hippy town Nimibin.

Surfers Paradise / Gold Coast (2-3 days)

Shop and eat on the popular Cavill street and surf the waves. This area can also be visited as an easy day trip from Brisbane.

Brisbane (2-4 days)

Shop til’ you drop at the outdoor Queens Street Mall, relax and explore South bank, do a day trip to Moreton Island and snorkel around old shipwrecks and see dolphins.

Noosa / Sunshine Coast (2 days)

Relax in the small town, go to the beach, visit some farmers markets, and take a few short hikes along the ocean.

Hervey Bay or Rainbow Beach (1 day)

Small towns that are only visited to get to Fraser Island. Spend 2 or 3 days on the world’s largest sand island via a 4×4 tag along Fraser Island tour.

Agnes Water & 1770 (2 days)

Here is the perfect place to learn how to surf, and it’s also the getaway point to exploring Lady Musgrave Island.

Airlie Beach (3 days)

Best spot to skydive in Australia with fantastic views over the Whitsundays. This is also the take off point for sailing through the Whitsundays and visiting the world famous beach, Whitehaven beach.

Townsville (2 days)

Explore Townsville, visit the Reef Aquarium, and do a day trip to Magnetic Island.

Cairns (4-5 days)

Explore the World Heritage sites, the Great Barrier Reef, and Daintree and Cape Tribulation on a day tour. Spend another day chasing waterfalls or flying high above the forest canopy on the Skyrail to Kuranda.

Have more time? Continue your trip to Darwin, down to Adelaide, with a stop in Alice Springs, until finally making it back to your starting point, Melbourne.

There you have it, everything you need to know about the Greyhound WHIMit pass. Now you can decide whether it’s the right choice for you or not. Remember, the best way to truly figure out if the WHIMit pass is a good deal for you is to do the math while also considering the time you have to travel around Australia, what, and how much you want to see.



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