6 Last-Minute Gift Ideas for Travelers


Travel – it broadens the mind and it stirs the soul. It also involves a lot of planning and packing which, depending on your personality, can be fun or deadly dull. But, by the time your departure date rolls around, you’re hopefully all packed and should have everything you need ready to roll.

So where does that leave the person who wants to get you a last-minute goodbye gift? What do you get for someone that’s about to hit the road for a while, and probably has no room in their suitcase or backpack for any gift you might get them?

Well, worry no longer. Experience gift provider Tinggly have put together a list of great last-minute gift ideas for travelers based on three considerations:

  • Lightweight and small enough to fit even the most tightly packed luggage
  • Practical or a treat, or both
  • Can be taken anywhere

1. Tinggly Christmas Collection

Christmas tends to be the time of year when people miss their traveling friends and families the most. It’s when we’re normally all together having a good time and when someone’s missing, it’s noticeable. You want to let the traveler know how much they’re missed and that they’re being thought of, so a gift experience voucher from the new Tinggly Christmas collection is the perfect idea. Wherever they are in the world, they can choose from almost 600 incredible experiences to try, some of them for two people! It may not bring them home in time for Christmas, but as gift ideas go, you have to admit it sure beats a pair of socks.

2. Podcast Subscription

Surprisingly, traveling involves a lot of…travel. Hours on planes, trains, buses, boats. And not everyone wants to watch movies or read the whole time. A podcast is good passive entertainment, put your headphones in, relax and be informed. There are now podcasts to cover practically any interest, so getting someone a subscription to a show that is likely to interest them is a fantastic gift idea. Can we perhaps suggest some podcasts about…travel?

3. Surprise Lottery Tickets

Well it’s not the most imaginative of gift ideas but if they get lucky, it’s about the most useful one they’ll ever get! And the best thing is, there’s almost no effort required on your part lazy bones. Next time you pass a supermarket or convenience store, buy a handful of lottery tickets or scratchcards, pop them into an envelope with a handwritten note, and wish them luck. Who knows, maybe by the time they get home they won’t just look a million bucks, but they’ll also be worth it.

4. Eco Travel Cutlery

With the fightback against disposable plastics in full swing, it’s never been more important to be an ethical, plastic-free traveler. And one of the easiest ways to do so is by carrying around a set of reusable cutlery wherever you go. A really eco-friendly cutlery pack is made of sustainable bamboo, and as well as your standard knife, fork and spoon it includes chopsticks, for traveling to Asia, and even a metal straw – no need for those awful plastic straws in drinks anymore. Just make sure you remind your friend to put it in their carry-on luggage.

5. Netflix Gift Card

Who would have thought, even 10 years ago, that a must-have travel accessory for anyone would be their own personalized TV? Well this is the world we live in now, and we say all the better! With a Netflix gift card, they can take all their favorite movies and shows on the road and never need to worry about being cut off from the next cliffhanger moment (so long as they’ve got WiFi of course). So if they don’t like the movie selection on the plane, or they’ve got an overnight train journey coming up, they can stay entertained on the go. It also means that if you share a favorite show, you can both watch along together, even if you’re on opposite sides of the world.

6. Welcome Home Pack

Ok, so you messed up and your last-minute gift became a too-late gift. Well, if you bought the Tinggly gift voucher it’s not a problem, the voucher can be emailed to them wherever they are for maximum convenience. But there’s also another solution. If your friend isn’t going to be gone for too long, then why not make sure they have a happy return by getting them a Welcome Home pack? If you’ve got a key to their place, you can let yourself in the day before they get back, and fill their fridge with the essentials so they don’t need to worry about shopping as soon as they walk in the door. Throw in some flowers, a card and maybe even a voucher for a foot massage (after all that exploring they’re bound to need it), and you’ve got yourself a very happy buddy.



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