SafetyWing Review: The Best Digital Nomad Travel Insurance?


Travel insurance is a must, especially if you live a life on the road. While it may seem like a large expense that cuts into your budget, imagine the cut into your budget if you have an accident or mishap without coverage. Having travel insurance like the one offered by SafetyWing will give you the peace of mind while you are out and about exploring the world.

What is SafetyWing?

SafetyWing is the answer for nomads in need of coverage. It is a travel medical insurance which was created for nomads by nomads. The insurance coverage purchased through a SafetyWing plan is provided by their insurance partner Tokio Marine HCC.

How Much Does SafetyWing Cost?

Any insurance plan is indeed an expense, so it’s important to understand how much of an expense it is. SafetyWing has a few plan options, long term it is paid monthly (28 days) and automatically renews for up to a year at which time the subscriber needs to manually renew their plan. The exact cost of that month of coverage is dependent on the age of the subscriber. Those between the ages of 10 and 39 pay a monthly total of $42. At 40-49 years old the price goes up to $68.04. Then from 50-59 years the cost is $106.68, and finally those aged 60-69 years pay a cost of $144.76 monthly. Children under the age of 10 and older than two weeks are free, at the rate of one child per paid adult on a plan or two per family.

Alternative to long term or full time travelers, those going on short holidays can also make use of SafetyWing with coverage starting for as little as $7.50 for a five day trip.

These stated prices do go up if travel within the United States is to be included in the coverage. It’s also important to know that U.S. travel can be added on later and does not need to be included for the entirety of the coverage.

In addition to the monthly or initial cost there is a $250 deductible and the maximum payout of the plan is $250,000 per year.

Another great point about SafetyWing is that it can be purchased when you are already overseas.

You can get your free quote below:

What Does SafetyWing Cover?

As with most travel insurance SafetyWing covers both medical and travel mishaps.

The medical coverage includes anything unexpected or emergent. That includes injuries or illnesses which lead to hospital or clinic visits, as well as any related prescription drugs. Injuries which occurred while driving a moped or scooter are included so long as racing or alcohol were not involved. Most sports are also covered on the plan.

When it comes to travel coverage, any emergency evacuation is covered whether related to personal or on the ground emergencies. Also, the travel of a family member to a hospital bedside is covered under the plan. Additionally, delays on travel and lost luggage is also covered.

What Does SafetyWing NOT Cover?

While there is plenty it does cover, SafetyWing also does not cover some things which are generally pretty standard exclusions. Medically those include pre-existing conditions and cancer treatments. It also must be remembered that this is not a primary health insurance and therefore does not cover primary care physicians or routine check-ups.

Outside of medical issues higher risk sports such as boxing or parasailing are not covered. Electronics, phones, cameras, laptops, and the like are also not covered by SafetyWing. However, a little birdy has told us that they’ll offer insurance for both high risk sports and electronics in the near future.

What Countries Does SafetyWing Cover?

SafetyWing provides coverage in the vast majority of the world with the exception of three countries: Cuba, Iran, and North Korea.

You will also be covered in your own country on a home visit for a maximum of 30 days out of every 90 days.

How Do I File a Claim With SafetyWing?

Ideally you’d never have to make a claim but if you do, know that the claim process is super easy and efficient. Here are the basics:

  1. Collect the payment receipts of all of your expenses (doctor’s treatment, pharmacy bill, etc.) and make a copy of them.
  2. Fill out the claimants statement.
  3. Send the copy of your receipts and the claimants statement to the address provided.
  4. You will receive a confirmation email and can track the status of your claim in your online profile.

If you are unsure about any of the steps, send them an email to [email protected] or use their chat.

SafetyWing vs. World Nomads

World Nomads has been around for a while and is quite well known and popular. But SafetyWing has some advantages over World Nomads, with the largest being its cost. At less than half the price of World Nomads, SafetyWing is a much more affordable option. Additionally, SafetyWing has received very high scores on TrustPilot easily outscoring World Nomads.

Without a doubt insurance while on the road, whether long or short term, is vital to peace of mind and stability of budget. There are plenty of options out there, but few which know the life of a nomad as well as SafetyWing.



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