Europe Austria Salzburg 15 Sound of Music Filming Locations You Can Actually Visit

15 Sound of Music Filming Locations You Can Actually Visit


One of the most famous musical films, The Sound of Music, which was filmed in 1965 is still loved by many today. Each year hundreds of thousands of visitors flock to Salzburg, Austria to walk in the footsteps of the legendary Von Trapp family.

If you are a fan of the movie and wondering where the Sound of Music was filmed, you’ve come to the right place. From the gazebo where Liesl sings “16 going on 17” to the Abbey where Maria lived and got married, here are all the must-visit Sound of Music filming locations.

Recommendation: Relive the scenes of some of the most popular Sound of Music locations in Salzburg including Leopoldskron Palace, Nonnberg Abbey, and Mirabell Gardens on a guided Sound of Music tour. With an English speaking guide, and songs from the soundtrack playing throughout the tour, this Original Sound of Music tour from Salzburg won’t disappoint!

Sound of Music Locations Map

Sound of Music Filming Locations

Marvel at the breathtaking locations for the Sound of Music and sing through the streets of Salzburg.

View of Nonnberg Abbey in Salzburg, Austria
kyrien /

1. Nonnberg Abbey

Founded in 714 A.D., Nonnberg Abbey (German: Stift Nonnberg) is the oldest female convent north of the Alps and is where the real-life Maria became a novice nun and got married to Georg von Trapp. Nonnberg is where four scenes from the movie were filmed: the scene of the nuns singing “Maria” in the courtyard, Maria leaving the abbey, the kids visiting her at the abbey, and the Nazi’s hunting the Von Trapps.

Visitors will notice the interior of the Abbey is different from the movie, as filming inside the convent was not allowed, so the interior scenes were shot in a Hollywood studio. A highlight of this Sound of Music location in Salzburg is hearing the resident nuns Gregorian chants in Latin at 6:45 in the morning inside the beautiful Gothic abbey. 

View to Salzburg Cathedral, dedicated to Saint Rupert and Saint Vergilius. Salzburg, Austria
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2. St. Peter’s Cemetery & Catacombs

The small yet beautiful flower filled St. Peter’s Cemetery (German: Petersfriedhof) was the inspiration for the cemetery rebuilt on set for the scene towards the end of the movie in which the Von Trapps hide from the Nazis behind tombs. Beside being the resting place of Mozart’s sister, Nannerl, this is also the resting place of Max Detweiler, “Uncle Max” from the movie.

This unique cemetery is one of the oldest (and most beautiful) cemeteries in the world and is Salzburg’s oldest Christian cemetery. The catacombs carved out of the rocks of Mönchsberg provide a stunning view over the beautiful cemetery and should be visited during your Sound of Music tour in Salzburg. 

Beautiful view of famous Mirabell Gardens with the old historic Fortress Hohensalzburg in the background in Salzburg, Austria
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3. Mirabell Palace and Gardens

This baroque style garden, which was built in 1606 by the archbishop Wolf Dietrich for his mistress is a beautifully landscaped garden filled with gorgeous flowers, marble statues, fountains, and ample opportunities to reenact scenes from the movies. The iconic song, “Do Re, Mi” was partially shot here.

While visiting Mirabell gardens, you’ll relive the scene of Maria and the Von Trapp kids dancing around the Pegasus Fountain, jumping up and down the steps, as well as running through the hedge maze tunnel, all the while admiring the breathtaking view of Hohensalzburg Fortress in the distance. This film location spot, which can be visited for free, should not be missed.

The fountain of Residence square in the old town of Salzburg Austria
Cezary Wojtkowski /

4. Residence Square & Fountain

Situated in the center of Salzburg old town is Residence Square (German: Residenzplatz), which is home to the largest (45 feet tall) baroque fountain outside of Italy. It is in this square while singing “I Have Confidence in Me”, that Maria happily splashes water in the fountain, The Nazi soliders also march through the square later in the movie and hang their flag over the entrance of the old Residence Palace.

The beautiful historical landmark of famous Horse Pond in Karajan Square, Salzburg
Pingazzo /

5. Horse Pond

Built in the 17th century to wash the horses of the prince-archbishop, the Horse Pond (German: Pferdeschwemme) was briefly featured in the movie as a backdrop to Maria and the kids singing “My Favorite Things” while dancing in their clothes made from curtains. In addition to being featured in the musical, the Horse Pond is well worth a visit in its own right. It is situation below the cliff side of Mönchsberg, and the bright fresco behind the horse pond makes for a gorgeous picture to add to your Sound of Music tour album.

Felsenreitschule in Salzburg, Austria
Andreas Praefcke / [CC BY 3.0]

6. Rock Riding School

Carved into the Mönchsberg, the Rock Riding School (German: Felsenreitschule) was initially built to be a cathedral, but was later repurposed by the archbishop into a riding school where tournaments were held. Today it’s Salzburg’s most popular concert venue and is where the real Von Trapp family won the Salzburg Music Festival in 1936. Fans will recognize this Sound of Music filming location from the scene where the Captain sings “Edelweiss” and his family joins him on stage to sing “So Long, Farewell”.

Frohnburg in Salzburg, Austria
Luckyprof / [CC BY-SA 3.0]

7. Frohnburg Palace

Frohnburg Palace played an important role in the Sound of Music as it was one of the two filming locations for the Von Trapp Villa. Once a private residence, the palace is now a Music Academy, the facade and large iron gate is where Maria first set her eyes on the Von Trapp family home towards the end of the song “I Have Confidence”. The Palace was also featured in the movie during the scenes in which the Captain rips the Nazi flag from above the doorway and during the family’s attempt to escape from the Nazis by pushing their car silently out of the gate.

The "Sound of music" pavillion in Hellbrunn park in Salzburg, Austria
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8. Hellbrunn Palace 

Just outside the city center is Hellbrunn Palace, home to the Sound of Music gazebo. It was here that the most romantic scenes of the Sound of Music was captured; when Liesl gets her first kiss while singing “16 going on 17.” It is also where the Captain and Maria fall deeper in love with each other while singing “Something Good”. Though visitors cannot go into the gazebo, they can dance, sing, and take as many pictures as they please around it.

Make your visit to Hellbrunn even more exciting by taking a tour of the Trick Fountains at Hellbrunn Palace. The hour long tour takes you through grottoes, ponds, and walkways filled with trick fountains. Your ticket also lets you explore the inside of the palace. This is one of the best things to do in Salzburg and will be a memorable experience especially for the kids.

Leopoldskron Palace in Salzburg, Austria
Dean Mardon /

9. Leopoldskron Palace

Leopoldskron Palace is one of the most important filming location for the Sound of Music as the majestic palace and perfect lake view backdrop served as the primary filming location for all of the lake terrace scenes of the Von Trapp family home. This includes the scenes in which Maria and the kids fall off the boat into the lake, and when the Captain and Uncle Max are drinking pink lemonade on the terrace. Though the interior of the mansion was never filmed in the movie, the palace’s gold Venetian ballroom and foyer were rebuilt in Hollywood for the interior scenes.

Today the palace is a boutique hotel. Staying overnight is the only way to visit the film location up close and to get a peek into the Venetian ballroom. Staying here is the ultimate Sound of Music experience as you get to live in the home of the Von Trapp family in the film. You can book your stay at Leopoldskron Palace here.

If you choose not to stay at the hotel, you can still view the Palace at a distance from the west side of the lake.

Von Trapp Villa in Salzburg, Austria
Glimpse of Sweden /

10. Villa Trapp

Though not a filming location, the Von Trapp Villa is where the real Von Trapp family lived for 15 years. They managed to get onto a train at the nearby station to escape the Nazis one day before the Austrian borders were closed. Today the Von Trapp Villa operates as a hotel and an educational Sound of Music museum of the real Von Trapp family as well as behind the scenes information about the filming of the movie. Not far from Leopoldskron Palace, a visit to the Von Trapp Villa would give fans a true insight on the life of the legendary Von Trapp family that we have come to love.

Fans can either book a stay at the Villa or simply visit on a guided tour which takes place every day and lasts about 45 minutes.

Beautiful view of Salzach Valley from Untersberg Mountain - Salzburg, Austria
Bernard Barroso /

11. Mount Untersberg

Mt. Untersberg is depicted twice in the Sound of Music, once during the opening scene in which Maria is singing the “Sound of Music” and again when the family is escaping over the mountain to Switzerland while singing “Climb Every Mountain”. Fans can easily access Mount Untersberg from Salzburg via bus and get to the top via cable car. More adventurous travelers can hike 2 hours to the top. At 1,853 meters above the Salzburg basin, Mt. Untersberg offers breaktaking views over the region and is worth the day trip from Salzburg

Basilica Saint Michael interior in Mondsee, Austria
Brian S /

12. Collegiate Church in Mondsee

Less than an hour bus drive from Salzburg is the picturesque lakeside town Mondsee. There you can visit the beautiful Collegiate Church of St. Michael where Maria and Georg von Trapp got married in the movie. This is a must-see for any Sound of Music fan. Make a full-day trip out of the location and stroll through the town, take a refreshing dip in the lake, hike up the nearby forest, and eat delicious seafood along the lake. 

St. Gilgen and Wolfgangsee lake aerial panoramic view in Salzkammergut region in Austria
saiko3p /

13. St. Gilgen

In the opening scene of the movie you get a gorgeous aerial view of the village of St. Gilgen and the popular lake, Wolfgangsee. The village and lake can easily be reached by train.

Hohenwerfen Castle in Austria near Salzburg
marcin jucha /

14. Picnic Meadow in Werfen 

Want to have a picnic on the hills while singing “Do Re Mi”? then take the “Sound Of Music Trail” and retrace the Von Trapp’s steps up the Gschwandtanger. The short 1.4km hike from the Werfen town takes about half an hour to complete. Once at the top you can enjoy a picnic and breathtaking views of the surrounding areas and the Hohenwerfen Fortress.

Make your trip to Werfen a full day adventure by visiting both the Hohenwerfen Fortress and the largest ice cave in the world, Eisriesenwelt. Both sights will be a welcome addition to your Salzburg itinerary.

Rossfeld Panorama Strasse Alpine pass road in Berchtesgaden National Park in Bavaria, Germany
Marik Peter /

15. Rossfeld Mountain 

Situated just across the German border, atop the magnificent Rossfeld mountain, is the Rossfeld Panoramic Road which was used in the movie to show the safe escape of the Von Trapp family across the nearby Untersberg Mountain. The private road, Rossfeld Panoramic Road is the only filming location that’s difficult to get to without a car. If you don’t have a car, it is recommended to visit the nearby Untersberg Mountain to get just as spectacular views with easier accessibility.

Well there you have it, the top must-visit Sound of Music filming location in and around Salzburg. All locations can be visited on your own, but if you don’t want to deal with the hassle or you have limited time, consider taking a guided Sound of Music tour from Salzburg or Vienna.

And to make your Sound of Music trip even more memorable, spend a night or two at the home of the Von Trapp family in the film; Hotel Schloss Leopoldskron, or in the home of the real Von Trapp family at Villa Trapp. Either one will take your trip from amazing to extraordinary.



  • The Sound of Music gazebo at Hellbrunn Palace in Salzburg was moved here from its original location at Schloss Leopoldskron.

  • Allan Trivette

    The writer/compiler of this page shows an obvious love for the film. I was put under a “Sound of Music” spell at the age of 10 when the film first came out, and I’m still spellbound to this day. I’ve visited Salzburg 5 times, and I can’t wait to go back again. But, there are a few errors on this page that need to be clarified and/or corrected.
    First – #7 Frohnburg Palace – the writer of this article is correct – it WAS used as the von Trapp home in the film. However, what we see in the film as the FRONT of the von Trapp home is actually the BACK of Frohnburg! The FRONT of Frohnburg was used as the BACK of the von Trapp home in the film! The back of the home is seen when Rolf comes to deliver a telegram and the Captain takes it abruptly and tells him to leave. You see it also when the pink lemonade is served. Now, to make this even more complicated, the back of the film home looking toward the lake: the canoe flipping, the Baroness and the Captain strolling by the lake, Leisl running out to meet Rolf, Maria’s return when she comes back from the Abbey, etc., is located to the left of Schloss Leopoldskron. I’ll write more about this below.
    #8 – Hellbrun Palace (the gazebo) – correction – NONE of the gazebo scenes (“16 Going on 17” and “Something Good”) were shot anywhere near the gazebo. It was a set in Hollywood. The only time we see the gazebo that is at Hellbrun is when the Captain and the Baroness take their stroll by the lake (just before the canoe flipping). It can be seen briefly in the background during their stroll.
    #9 – Leopoldskron Palace – was NOT used at ALL at any time during the filming!! The production company DID want to film the lake scenes there, but the officials of the Palace at that time wanted too much money. They did, however, offer the company the use of the “side lawn”. If you look at the photo of the Palace on this page, the side lawn is not seen, but it is to the left of the photo’s edge. The “Official Sound of Music Tour” guides will show you the Schloss and point out the original horse-headed statues and lake gate and tell you that is where those scenes were filmed. WRONG!!! The “lake-gate” and the horse-headed fish statues, were recreated by 20th Century-Fox and erected on the “side lawn” where the Meierhof is now located. The Meierhof used to be the administrative offices for the Palace, but it is now, as is the Schloss itself, available for overnight stays. If one enters the main gate for the Schloss, the Schloss is to the left and the Meierhof is to the right. Walking straight from the gate to the lake one will see the pedestals for the horse-headed statues are still there. As was stated by the writer, the Venetian Room is in the Schloss and was used as the inspiration for the ballroom in the film.
    #11 – Mount Untersberg – clarification – the mount is seen several times in the background of several scenes, but NO SCENES were filmed ON it.
    #15 – Rossfeld Mountain – clarification – again, “the safe escape of the Von Trapp family across the nearby Untersberg Mountain” is inaccurate. That “escape” scene was filmed just off the Rossfeld Panoramastrasse. There is a roadside cafe/restaurant on the Panoramastrasse called the Ahornkaser (they serve the best Apple Strudel you’ll ever have). Standing in front of the Ahornkaser, there is a path on the right side of the building. Take that path about 400 feet and look up to your right. At the top of the hill is the exact spot where the von Trapps cross the mountain to freedom as “Climb Ev’ry Mountain” is sung. At the end of that scene, with that open vista lying before them, you can see the Untersberg in the distance.
    I hope this helps/informs anyone planning on making a visit.

    • Negar Modgeddi

      I LOVE your notations about the actual places and your very thoughtful corrections!

  • Thank you for this great information! Do you know which field Maria was walking in during the opening scene? I know it was Untersberg Mountain in the background, but I can’t find any information on the field she was frolicking through to get that sweeping view. Any pointers you can offer would be most appreciated!

    • A

      The opening scene was filmed on Mehlweg meadow which is not open to the public.

  • The horsepond also features in a scene where Liesl runs into Rolf on his bike.

  • This has been the most helpful and clear information i’ve found about the filming locations thanks so much

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