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Tep Wireless: Stay Connected While Traveling Abroad

While we love traveling the world, one of our biggest challenges is finding fast and reliable WiFi. Like so many of you, we rely on internet access to keep our business running smoothly, post pictures on Facebook or Instagram, and keep in touch with friends and family. Unfortunately, the free WiFi in cafes and hotels/hostels doesn’t always cut it.

Dealing with spotty WiFi can be expensive and inconvenient, and nobody has the time or money to keep buying SIM cards in every new country.

This is where our new best friend, Teppy from Tep Wireless comes in to save the day.

What is Tep Wireless?

Tep Wireless is the answer to international roaming fees and buying millions of sim cards. To be more specific, Tep Wireless rents/sells little magic boxes (some refer to them as pocket WiFi :D) that give travelers unlimited WiFi whenever or wherever they go for a flat rate. With Tep Wireless you don’t have to worry about searching for internet during your trip or how much you will pay in roaming fees once you get back home.

How Does It Work?

It’s pretty simple really. You just go to TepWireless.com, hit the pink “Rent Now” button in the upper right corner, enter your destination and dates of travel and pay. Within a 1-2 days, your Tep Wireless device will be sent to your home, or wherever you’d like.

Rent your tep wireless device today

Once you’ve reached your destination, all you have to do is power it up, connect your laptop/phone/tablet and boom, you have unlimited secure WiFi.

When your trip comes to an end, just pack up the device and everything it came with and mail it back to the company using the included prepaid shipping label. And that’s all folks, easy and hassle free!

More Facts About Tep Wireless

1. How Much Does It Cost?

It costs only $9.95 USD per day to rent the device and receive unlimited WiFi. Also, upon checkout you can add extras like insurance or an external battery for an additional fee. If you travel often like us and prefer to buy the hotspot device instead of renting it, the fee per day is reduced to just $8 USD.

2. What’s the Battery Life & WiFi Speed?

Tep Wireless has a battery life of 8 hours while in use or 20 hours on standby. As for the speed, Tep Wireless states they “partner with the biggest network providers worldwide to ensure that you always have the best and fastest connections available to you”, so you can expect it to be good and fast. With a download speed of 7.2 Mbps you don’t have to worry about missing your favorite TV shows on Netflix either. We have watched a handful of our favorite travel movies and shows with no interruptions.

3. Where Can It Be Used?

You can use Tep Wireless in over 150 countries all for the same rate, so there’s no need to constantly buy or change sim cards!

4. How Many People Can Use It?

With Tep you can share the WiFi love with others or keep it to yourself for all of your devices! Yes, that includes your laptop, your phone, or your tablet! After all, you can connect up to 5 devices.

Jazzy using Tep Wireless Hotspot

What We Like About Tep Wireless

1. Secure

Tep Wireless isn’t like public WiFi where anyone can hop on the network and potentially steal your personal information (have you seen the TV show “Mr. Robot”?) With Tep Wireless, no one can access your network unless you give them your unique password. No more free WiFi scavenger hunting and praying there isn’t someone sitting on the other side waiting to steal all your information.

2. Convenient and Reliable

I can’t tell you how many times Tep Wireless has saved my butt while I was teaching an online English class with VIPKID and the hotel WiFi suddenly stopped working. It has saved me over $40 in penalty fees. It’s seriously an ideal backup plan as we have found it to be fast and reliable, and in our line of work we need that. According to Tep Wireless, the upload speed is around 5.76 Mbps while the download speed is around 7.2 Mbps when connected to a 3G network. However, this varies depending on the network connection and the amount of devices connected.

3. Easy to Use

There are no wires, no complicated start up process and with just a press of a button you can have unlimited access to WiFi. So easy a baby can do it. But really, the device is foolproof!

4. Portable

The size is perfect. After all, it is called pocket WiFi! Just slip it in your pocket and off you go. The Tep device will take up little to no room in your travel backpack or carry-on, which means you’ll have more room for other things like your cute inflatable pool floats or a six-pack. Just kidding, or am I?

5. No Commitments

As a spontaneous traveler, one thing I don’t like are commitments, plans and contracts, so I was pretty excited that Tep Wireless doesn’t require them. With Tep Wireless you only pay for what you use or intend to use, and if you don’t like the service you can cancel it whenever you want, and there are no cancellation fees. They even have a 100% money back guarantee policy :).

Ben using Tep Wireless

Where Tep Wireless Can Improve

1. It’s Kind of Expensive

The $9.95 daily rate can get expensive quickly, especially if your trip is longer than 2 weeks and you plan on staying in just one location. However, if you are a frequent traveler or someone with an online business who needs to be connected at all times and have reliable and fast internet, you can look into the “Frequent Traveler plan” for a cheaper option. With this option you buy the device for a one time fee of $99 and pay only $8 per day when you use it. So for the days when you end up in a remote area and there is no WiFi, you have a backup.

2. No Rollover!

With Tep Wireless, you are not charged per hour but by the day, which sucks when you want to use it for only a few hours and not a whole day. So if your hotel’s WiFi goes offline for an hour or you need it to get directions to somewhere for a few minutes, you’re still charged for a full day even if you don’t use the full day. So no rollover hours or hourly fee!

3. It Doesn’t Replace Cell Service

Tep Wireless doesn’t replace cell service, so you can’t make phone calls or send text messages like you would with your cellphone. But that’s not as big of a deal these days since you don’t need phone service to call or text people. When you have apps like WhatsApp, FB chat, or Skype, you can access them via WiFi!

Is Tep Wireless Right For You?

It’s really up to you! Weigh the pros and cons, know your budget and decide whether or not you will need to stay connected during your trip! We personally love our Tep Wireless mobile hotspot but then again we are WiFi addicts :D

Do you have any questions about Tep Wireless? Drop us a message in the comments below!

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Jazzy is a professional travel writer and the editor-in-chief at Road Affair. She has been traveling around the world with her partner in crime, Ben, since 2012.

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  1. So it says you only pay for what you use, so if you teach online four days a week and have three off, do you not have to pay the other three days? Or is it $9 a day just to have it in your possession?

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