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5 Tips for Caravanning in the UK


Caravanning has a certain charm and excitement that keep people coming no matter how much holidays change. The simplicity of taking your temporary home anywhere you like, upping sticks if you don’t like it there and living a nomadic lifestyle allows you to explore the world at your own pace without missing out on creature comforts.

The UK has a lot more to offer than many people think, and caravanning is the perfect way to see some exceptional sights, unbelievable scenery and some hidden gems that you probably never knew existed.

Caravanning, on the whole, is a fairly simple, comfortable and cozy way to enjoy a holiday with family or friends, but there are some basic pitfalls that sometimes catch the inexperienced caravanner out. We’ve collected together a selection of top tips to ensure your caravan holiday is a complete success, as well as how to avoid traps that could make your holiday a disaster.

1. Plan Your Route

Before you hitch up your caravan and head out into the countryside, take some time to prepare for where you are going. Towing a caravan isn’t as easy as it looks and reversing can be a complete nightmare, so carefully plan your route and ensure that where you are headed doesn’t involve roads that are too narrow or involve impossible turns, especially for larger caravans. Make sure you have the right driving license, and that your car can handle towing a caravan too. Some cars don’t support towbars or require them to be fitted professionally, so make sure you can actually tow before putting down that expensive deposit.

2. Read Campsite Reviews

Being adventurous is fine, but you should also check out reviews on sites like TripAdvisor or at the Camping and Caravanning Club. Most seasoned caravanners are more than happy to leave tips if they’ve traveled to particularly inaccessible campsites and there are now dozens of friendly online forums like the Camping and Caravanning Club to help new caravanners get started.

3. Check the Weather

Make sure to always check the weather before you set off too. This will help you to not only pack the right clothes, but to also avoid bad weather, as high winds and flooding don’t mix well with caravans.

4. Bring Some Entertainment

Before you hit the road, make sure you have enough things to do, especially if you’re taking the kids. Rainy days can spell disaster if families are cooped up in a small space with not a lot to do, so make sure you have plenty of distractions. Laptops and tablets will soon run out of battery if there isn’t any electricity at your site, so why not invest in some cool tech such as solar panel chargers or a mini generator?

5. Get Proper Insurance

When you get to your site and are setting up your pitch, take plenty of time to check the space around you for low tree branches, hidden stumps, glass bottles, animals and rogue children. This will help to make sure you nor your caravan suffer any unnecessary damage. Don’t forget to have the right insurance in place whether buying, renting or borrowing a caravan, as caravans are often not insured under a standard car insurance policy.

Whether it’s a relaxed weekend in the Cotswolds, an adventure break in the Lake District or a fishing trip to Anglesey, make sure you are fully prepared for your caravanning holiday by following these easy tips. Oh, and don’t forget to have fun!



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