Vantop Moment 6S 4K/60FPS Action Camera Review

Vantop Moment 6S 4K/60FPS Action Camera Review


GoPro may be the king of action cameras but its steep price tag forces many casual photographers to look for cheaper alternatives. And at less than half the price of a GoPro, the new Vantop Moment 6S is definitely a worthy contender, offering an impressive premium experience loved by photographers everywhere. In this article we will take a closer look at the specs and features of the Vantop Moment 6S and show you why it is one of the best budget action cameras currently on the market.

Technical Specification

The Vantop Moment 6S measures around 2.5” x 1.5” x 1.1” and has a 2.3” touch screen that’s easy to use. It packs a lot of punch for being such a small camera. You’ll get about 90 minutes of action from the battery before it needs recharging via the USB Type-C port. The USB Type-C port can also be used for things like a microphone if you’re doing an interview or want better quality audio for your footage. For more details take a look at the specs below.

Vantop Moment 6S Action Camera
  • Chipset: AMBA H22S85
  • Sensor: Sony IMX377
  • Front Screen: 0.96” OLED
  • Touchscreen: 2.33” IPS
  • Focal Length: 2.8mm
  • Aperture: F2.8
  • Field of View: 170°
  • Weight: 85g
  • Dimensions: 62.5 x 41 x 28.8 mm
  • Battery: 3.8V/1200mAh
  • Battery Life: ~90 mins for 4K@60fps
  • Storage: MicroSD (up to 128GB)
  • Photo Resolution: 12MP
  • Photo Format: JPG
  • Video Resolution: 4K/60fps
  • Video Format: MOV/MP4
  • Input/Output: USB-C

What’s in the Box

As for what’s in the box, the Vantop Moment 6s comes with almost everything you need to make photography magic. Several batteries and different mounts / adapters are included to make sure you can safely attach your camera and start shooting immediately whether you’re road tripping through Croatia or hiking an active volcano in Indonesia. The most notable thing it doesn’t include is a MicroSD card, but luckily those aren’t hard to come by.

Vantop Moment 6S Action Camera accessories
  • Waterproof Housing
  • Long Connector
  • 2x Short Connectors
  • 360° Adapter
  • 2.4GHz Remote
  • Tripod Mount Adapter
  • Bicycle Handlebar
  • Rubber Plug
  • USB-C Cable
  • Protective Backdoor
  • Microphone
  • Helmet Belt
  • Helmet Mounts
  • Surface J-Hook Buckle
  • 2x Batteries
  • Cleaning Cloth
  • 2x Adhesive Pads


The features boasted by the Vantop Moment 6S mean you can smoothly capture your memories no matter what type of adventure you’re on. You’ll get high-resolution shots that can even be stabilized if you’re on bumpy terrain. You can slow things down to capture an amazing video or use the time lapse feature to capture the best of nature. Any creative idea you have, this camera will help make that dream a reality. 

1. Native 4K/60FPS

The frame rate and resolution let you capture sharp, high-quality pictures. Whether you’re in motion or taking still shots, you’ll love the way this camera captures details.

2. SmoothFlow Stabilization

The Vantop Moment 6S is designed for adventure lovers who are constantly on the move, as shaky footage is now a thing of the past with Moment 6S’s SmoothFlow Stabilization feature. Whether you’re cycling in Taiwan or skiing in Austria, you can expect impressive footage that’s extremely stable.

3. 8x Slow Motion

Let’s be honest, slow motion videos make everything look so much cooler. The 8x slow motion feature offers an even better experience and helps you notice fun details you wouldn’t have seen otherwise. While it’s an amazing feature, the camera resolution does drop down to 1080p at 30fps when you’re in slow motion mode.

4. Time Lapse

This camera lets you use the time lapse feature for both photos and videos to help you capture once-in-a-lifetime moments. It’s an ideal feature for everything from capturing a Cinque Terre sunset to surfing a massive wave. 

5. Dual Screen

The high-resolution dual screen gives you better control over your footage. The intuitive system makes it easy to navigate through all of your options like shooting mode, brightness, and zoom. While, the second screen allows you to easily check on things like the battery life, time, and Wi-Fi.

6. 170° View of Field

The increased field of view is a welcomed feature when you want to capture more people in the picture or more of the background to preserve as much of the memory as possible.

7. 8x Digital Zoom

The beauty of the zoom capacity is that it allows you to capture multiple perspectives. Pictures tell a story, and the 8x zoom lets you tell it in a variety of ways.

8. Waterproof up to 100ft (with Case)

While the camera itself is not waterproof, it does include a case that makes it waterproof up to almost 100 feet deep. This feature makes it ideal for water sport enthusiasts, snorkeling in Belize or chilling in the pool. The case is also beneficial for protecting the camera from dust and being scratched.

9. Wireless Remote Control

You’ll strap the wireless remote control around your wrist and from there you can do a variety of things like take pictures and videos, turn the Wi-Fi on and off, and turn off the camera. 

10. Instant Share

Don’t waste any time sharing your adventures. Instant Share lets you quickly and easily upload videos and pictures to your phone where they can be edited via the app and sent to your family and friends in no time.

The Vantop Moment 6S is one of the top competitors among action cameras, and for good reason. It lets you create high-quality memories without breaking your budget. It’s small enough to fit in your jacket pocket, and the amount of features it has is more than impressive for its price tag. For all of your extreme adventures, Vantop Moment 6S won’t disappoint you or your wallet.



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