Europe Estonia 9 Reasons Why Estonia Should Be Your Next Travel Destination

9 Reasons Why Estonia Should Be Your Next Travel Destination


For most travelers, countries like Italy, France and Austria are a must when backpacking through Europe but very few ever consider adding Estonia to their itinerary, which is a shame because Estonia is truly a European gem. This unspoiled, unique and underrated Baltic country is a must visit, and here are 9 reasons why Estonia should be your next travel destination.

Fresh, Clean and Organic Food

Image Credit: Aron Urb/Visit Estonia

When a country is going for a title as the world’s most organic country, you don’t have to worry about compromising your healthy eating habits while traveling, rather you just need to figure out which Estonian superfoods you are going to eat first! Fresh, clean and organic food can be found everywhere in Estonia even in the forest. Forests are full with edible delicacies like blueberries, cloudberries, and mushrooms, while rivers, lakes and the sea are filled with delicious seafood like salmon and sea trout! In Estonia you really get a farm to table experience!

Internet Everywhere

Internet in the forest in Estonia
Image Credit: Jarek Jõepera/Visit Estonia

In a world where everyone needs to be connected at all times whether by phone, laptop, or tablet, Estonia makes sure all their visitors can tweet, and snapchat about how awesome Estonia is by having free wifi hotspots everywhere. It’s a digital nomads and travel bloggers heaven! Estonia is also the birthplace of great companies like Skype and Hotmail. It comes to no surprise that this small Baltic country holds the title as the most advanced digital society in the world. Everything is click and done, even things like healthcare and elections.

Untouched, Accessible, and Wild Nature

Forest in Estonia
Image Credit: Sven Zacek/Visit Estonia

One would probably think that a country so modernized and digitally advanced wouldn’t be very green, or nature rich but believe it or not, Estonia is actually ranked as one of the greenest countries in the world. With about half of the country covered in forests, nature lovers can explore and enjoy Estonia’s untouched natural beauty all over Estonia.

The three must visit national parks in Estonia are Lahemaa National Park, Matsalu National Park and Sooma National Park.

Mass-Tourism Free

smoke sauna in summer in estonia
Image Credit: Jaak Nilson/Visit Estonia

If you’ve been to popular European destinations such as Rome, Venice, Amsterdam or Vienna during the summer months, you know how overpopulated and crowded they can get. But you don’t have to worry about that when you visit Estonia as even the “touristy” capital, Tallinn is way less crowded than many other European capitals. Go beyond the capital you might even be one of the only tourists in town.

It’s Easy to Get Around

Tallinn Old Town
Image Credit: Visit Estonia

Due to Estonia’s small size, it’s the ideal place for travelers to go even more off the beaten path and discover all that Estonia has to offer. Cities and towns like Tartu, Värska, Viljandi, and Haapsalu are easily accessible by public transportation and make for great day trips from the capital!

Best Value For Your Money in Europe

Restaurant Alexander in Estonia
Image Credit: Mart Vares/Visit Estonia

Estonia offers by far the best value for your money in Europe. You can have White Guide Nordic class restaurant meal in Estonia for the same price as some average cafe in Scandinavia. Now if that doesn’t convince you to visit Estonia, I don’t know what will.

Experience the Island Life

beach in Estonia
Image Credit: Visit Estonia

Estonia has over 2000 islands, most of which are uninhabited, making them the perfect getaway. The isolation of these island has preserved Estonia’s traditional lifestyle giving visitors the opportunity to get a glimpses of how Estonians used to live before the modern age. Some popular islands to visit among tourists and locals alike are Hiiumaa, Kihnu and Saaremaa.

Historical Country

Seto kingdomday in Estonia
Image Credit: Kaspar Orasmäe/Visit Estonia

Estonia’s occupation by the Swedes, Russians, and the Germans, and their previous place in the Soviet Union has left the country with a distinct history, rich culture, and beautiful architecture. No matter where you go in Estonia you will find remnants of historic sights, and old traditions and customs, especially in the capital, Tallinn. In fact, Tallinn is actually one of the best preserved medieval cities in Northern Europe. If you are history buff, Estonia is clearly a must visit.

Estonia Has Something For Everyone

Zip-line in Kiviõli Adventure Centre
Image Credit: Joosep Martinson/Visit Estonia

Estonia is home to a diverse range of attractions. One day you can be hiking through the forest eating wild berries, the next you can be visiting a castle or relaxing on the beach, regardless of your interests, travel style, or budget there is something for you to love and enjoy in Estonia.

Hopefully, we have convinced you to make Estonia your next travel destination as it would be a shame to miss out on all the great things that this small Baltic country has to offer.



  • Estonienne

    Thanks for such a praising article! We love our beautiful country also. I can add that we have good service almost everywhere. And: it’s wise to visit Tallinn in winter-time (less tourists) and smaller towns and islands in summer.

  • Cristina

    Only last year that I was able to visit this place. I must say that I enjoyed the place. What I like the most is their old town. I really felt in love of the place. I wish I can visit it again.

  • Wow, looks like somewhere i need to add to the list! Im sure a relative of mine was on a stag do and the beer was dirt cheap!

  • Ratheesh R Nath

    Wow!!! Estonia is completely unique.
    This article definitely convinced me to plan my next trip Estonia!!! Thanks for sharing this great information :)

    • YAY!!! Glad to share and I hope you get to visit Estonia in the New Year, Ratheesh!

      Happy Holidays :D

  • Vyacheslav

    “Tallinn is pretty much crowd free” – unfortunately not. Yeah, this city is not like Paris or Vienna, however tight lanes of Old Town are overcrowded – in summer time at least. You have to wake up at 6 or 7 a.m. to walk around with no possibility to be mashed by the tourist crowd.

  • Internet, no mass tourism and beautiful landscapes: this is the perfect destination! Thanks for telling!

  • What a beautiful and untouched destination! I bet it will be trendy very soon. thanks for sharing.

    • No problem Christine! And yes, Estonia will get popular and super touristy very soon, unfortunately! Hope you get a chance to visit before then!

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