Central America Nicaragua Volcano Boarding Cerro Negro in Nicaragua

Volcano Boarding Cerro Negro in Nicaragua


“Hey, Hey! Babe, stop hyperventilating, you will be fine! Just do it!” He said at the top of the active volcano. Shit! how the hell did I get here? How did I agree to volcano boarding down a damn volcano?

Oh I remember, my crazy boyfriend thought it would be cool and my just as crazy ass agreed. I see this is becoming a trend of mine. He suggests some crazy shit, and I’m like “yeah, that sounds cool” and then freak out later.

Tourists are ready for volcano boarding from Cerro Negro volcano, Nicaragua
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Why do I always do this to myself? Why do I do things that I am deathly afraid of, or things that make me think twice about my sanity? Oh I know why, because it’s FUN!

It’s worth getting scared and nervous just to overcome it and have a great ending! I love doing new things, and challenging myself. But also because I am a traveler, and we do crazy shit some times, well most of the time.  

So here is the thing, we are traveling and that means we are “obligated” to do fun things that sound completely insane to non-travelers and myself included. I can be a (courageous) wimp at time.

And those insane activities may include boarding down an active volcano at 30mph or more on a small ass piece of wood with no safety gear. Yup, that sounds exactly like what travelers normally do… So I said fuck it, lets do it.

Volcano Cerro Negro in Nicaragua

After all, the videos of other people doing it looked pretty cool. They had me pumped, excited and ready to go! But when I got to the edge and it was my turn to take the plunge, reality hit me hard, like a brick being thrown at my face.

My ass was deep in thought. Deathly afraid, I tried to figure out how I got myself into something this crazy?

What kind of dumb ass person would do shit like this? Wait, did I really pay money to do this <shaking my head>?

Okay, how the hell can I avoid doing this?

Think! Jazzy, Think!

“I know! You can fake a heart attack, or maybe faint. But wait, what if  while you are doing that and you slip,  fall and roll down to your death. That would defeat the whole purpose.

Okay scratch that, new idea.

Volcano Cerro Negro in Nicaragua

Mayyyybbbeee, just maybe, and bare with me here, you can just do it and stop being a wimp! I mean, you did already pay for it.  And you know how much you hate wasting money, not to mention you already climbed an hour to get up here.

You and I both know your pride nor Ben would never let you live this down if you bail. Your only option is to just do it.

FUCK it! Go big or go home right?

Tourists are ready for volcano boarding from Cerro Negro volcano, Nicaragua
Matyas Rehak / shutterstock.com

With my heart at my feet, I sat down, put my goggles over my eyes, grabbed the piece of cord I was supposed to use to steer and finally propel myself forward to my “death”.

With rocks flying in my eyes, my body feeling more at ease with every second that passes, and my board increasing speed I found myself enjoying the shit out of this.

Tourist is volcano boarding from Cerro Negro volcano, Nicaragua
Matyas Rehak / shutterstock.com

The adrenaline pumping through my veins and one arm in the air, screaming WOOOOOHOOO at the top of my lungs and going at least 30-40mphs, I was definitely loving it. Too bad I don’t have the picture to show for it, damn camera man never sent us the photos.

As quick as my fear to take the plunge left my mind as quick as the “ride” ended. I got to the bottom of the volcano and all I said was “Again, Again, Again!!!”

Let’s do it again – feeling like a kid that just got off his first roller coaster ride.

Still feeling the adrenaline, I turned and watched Ben go down the volcano. Just like everyone before me, on his way down he got stuck and had to propel his way down again.

I was actually the only one in the group that didn’t stop and went the fastest according to our tour guide and everyone else there.

I had the best ride down and I was the wimpiest at the top.

This was so worth it. It was so much fun and I would recommend it to even the scared-est person and I bet he/she would come out on the other end feeling like me.

I glad I did it! I am constantly growing with every fearful adventure that I make my bitch! ;)

Traveling continues to challenge me and push me passed my comfort levels and you know what, I love it and accept each and every test. I have learned so much about myself and continue to discover me and my capabilities.

We often miss out on so much in life, and miss out on fun and happiness because we give into our fears and sleep comfortable in our comfort zone. If we would just take the leap, we would realize that there is really nothing to fear. Fear should not be a barrier or a roadblock but a motivation! So here’s to taking your fears and turning them into your motivation to do the unthinkable and following your dreams! Cheers!!

Volcano boarding activity in Nicaragua
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Information about Volcano Boarding Cerro Negro

Location: Leon, Nicaragua

Company: Bigfoot Hostel or Quetzaltrekkers.

Average Cost: $25-30 USD. Price usually includes admission fee to the park, a snack and sometimes a volcano boarding shirt to show other people how cool you are.

Hike: Short 45mins to an hour hike. It is a rocky and slippery hike so bring good sneakers.

Tips: To increase your speed while volcano boarding Cerro Negro, pull on the cord, lean back and put your feet up.  To decrease your speed, gently put your heel in the gravel. Don’t do it too suddenly because you will flip, unless that’s what you want to do.

Why do it? When will you ever get to say, “Yeah, I boarded down a volcano.” Umm never! So do it when you have the chance. Plus it’s FUN! duh!

What’s one of your craziest adventures? We would love to hear some of your stories too!



  • Holy cow, not a lot of people can say they’ve hiked a volcano

  • I’ve seen people lose a lot of skin doing dune-boarding – while this is obsidian-sharp rock, you should be advising us to wear a suit of armour instead :P

    • Haha I think a suit of armor will slow you down to much and where is the fun in that? Dune boarding is definitely on our list of crazy things to do as well :)

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