Waterfly Lightweight Fanny Pack Review


Did you know looking like your dad on vacation isn’t as bad as it sounds? That’s because fanny packs have made a comeback! That’s right – no longer will you have to lug around a backpack in the name of style while venturing out in a city, the wilderness, a festival, or wherever your travel adventures take you. With the Waterfly Lightweight Fanny Pack, you can carry all the essentials in an organized and less strenuous way, letting you focus on fun and enjoy the outdoors the way they should be – without baggage! 

Waterfly Lightweight Fanny Pack Review

As a woman always on the move, traveling and exploring, I am already an advocate for fanny packs. Purses are too much hassle to carry, and backpacks can be too hard on the shoulders! With a fanny pack, you can carry all the essentials without shifting bags around or worrying if you’ve forgotten a bag somewhere. So you can bet I was excited to check out Waterfly’s sleek new Lightweight Fanny Pack. 

Front view of the Waterfly Lightweight Fanny Pack
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Design and Durability 

I rate the design of the pack 10/10. Waterfly thought of every essential item you could want and designed a bag to match those needs. On a hike or an adventure, you definitely don’t want your bag to be too bulky. That’s the old-school fanny packs! Waterfly’s modern and compact pack is perfect for the 21st-century traveler with 21st-century needs. 

Design Options

There is no shortage of design options for this fanny pack. You can choose from over 15 fabric styles, including gender-neutral designs as well as colorful patterns. My personal favorite is the Army Yellow, as it’s more of a deep beige that is in style right now and can go with any outfit.


The Lightweight Fanny Pack is built to endure all types of weather. It’s made of water-resistant nylon, so you don’t have to worry about your phone getting wet if it starts to drizzle. This is ideal for running or grooving, because the bag is sweat-resistant! It also only weighs 5 ounces, so even though it’s tough, it won’t be tough to carry.


The waist strap is also water-resistant and adjustable from 20 to 50 inches, making it ideal for both adults and children. The only slight problem I came across was that there isn’t anywhere for the excess belt to go if you adjust it to be super small. There is an adjustable belt loop that can tuck it in nicely for most sizes, but for a small child or an adult with a tiny waist, this might be an aesthetic concern. I tuck my excess belt into the belt behind, but it pops out from time to time. This is an issue with most fanny packs. 

Models wearing the Waterfly Lightweight Fanny Pack
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Pockets and Organization 

The organization of this bulk-free fashion bag is fantastic! There’s nothing worse than combing through a big fanny pack to locate one little thing and having to pull out five other things just to find it. Waterfly has given the pack four separate pockets so you can sort all of your belongings. 

Anti-Theft Back Pocket

This has to be one of the best features of the fanny pack. The pocket is shielded away with a zipper in the middle of the back, making it pretty much impossible for anybody to steal out of it without you knowing. It’s large enough to fit a passport or cash and credit cards, which is perfect for travelers.

Main Pocket

The main pocket is also a good size and the perfect spot to store your phone for an adventure. It measures 7 inches long and 3.5 inches deep, which is big enough to hold almost every cellphone, including the new iPhone 14 Pro Max. It also has space for you to add things in with your phone, such as lip balm and portable chargers.

Front Velcro Pocket

The front Velcro pocket is small but plenty useful for grabbing things quickly. I tend to use mine for my AirPods, but it’s also a great spot for items such as trail snacks, keys, and lip balm. 

Front Zipper Pocket

The front zipper pocket is bigger than the Velcro pocket and offers even more space to store belongings. This is a great pocket for tissues, cords, snacks, or anything else you want to be more secure than it would be in the Velcro pocket.

Where to Purchase

If, like me, you find yourself as an adult overly excited about new tech and organizational gadgets, you’re probably ready to pull the trigger on purchasing this awesome lightweight fanny pack. 

Thankfully, you can find it continuously on sale on Amazon and, of course, on Waterfly’s website, where all first-time purchases receive 30% off.

Vote for Waterfly

If you think the Waterfly Lightweight Fanny Pack sounds like the bee’s knees (or whatever our parents used to say), then vote for it in the upcoming USA Today Readers’ Choice Awards. This will help other travelers find this awesome fanny pack to use on their adventures! 

I can personally tell you that the other packs on USA Today’s leaderboard don’t match up with what Waterfly has designed. Its Lightweight Fanny Pack is less bulky, more organized, and more stylish than every other fanny pack vying for first place. That’s why it ranks first on our list of the best fanny packs for travelers.

So toss Waterfly a vote for creating the fanny pack all us travelers need! One vote per person is allowed each day until voting ends on Monday, Jan. 16, 2023, at 11:59 a.m. EST.



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