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Follow the ancient footsteps of Lucy, the first human skeleton, savor the tangy zest of injera bread, hike mesmerizing mountains, and let the rhythmic vibrations of Ethio-Jazz weave through the air, while encountering the unique wildlife, from the contemplative gelada baboon to the elusive simian fox, in this cradle of humanity.

Must-see attractions in Ethiopia

Simien Mountains National Park

Northern Ethiopia

View of the Simien Mountains National Park in Northern Ethiopia

Rock-Hewn Churches


Unique monolithic rock-hewn Church of St. George (Bete Giyorgis), UNESCO World heritage, Lalibela, Ethiopia.

Fasil Ghebbi


Fasil Ghebbi is the remains of a fortress-city within Gondar, Ethiopia

Bale Mountains National Park

Southern Ethiopia

Close up of a rare and endangered Ethiopian wolf (Canis simensis) - native to the Ethiopian Highlands, Bale mountains, Ethiopia.

Omo Valley

Southern Ethiopia

Unidentified Karo women near the Korcho village in the Omo Valley, Ethiopia

Danakil Depression

Northern Ethiopia

Danakil depression in Ethiopia

Blue Nile Falls

West Gojjam

Blue Nile Falls in Ethiopia

National Museum of Ethiopia

Addis Ababa

National Museum of Ethiopia

Abuna Yem’ata Guh


Abuna Yem’ata Guh in Tigray, Ethiopia

Northern Stelae Field


Northern Stelae Field in Aksum, Ethiopia

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