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New Caledonia

New Caledonia stands as a captivating destination filled with tropical beauty and a fascinating history. Uncover the remnants of its colonial past at the Tjibaou Cultural Centre, plunge into the vivid marine life through world-class snorkeling at the Isle of Pines, relax on the white powdery sand beaches, and hike the golden slopes of Mont-Dore for panoramic views. Whether you're discovering the historic heart of this French island or diving into turquoise waters, New Caledonia will be etched in your memories forever.

Must-see attractions in New Caledonia

Fort Teremba

Grande Terre

Parc des Grandes Fougères

Grande Terre

Heart of Voh

Grande Terre

Tjibaou Cultural Centre


Aquarium des Lagons


Amédée Lighthouse

Amédée Island

Upi Bay

Isle of Pines

Domaine de Deva

Grande Terre

Mouli Beach


Blue River Provincial Park

Grande Terre

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