12 Best Snorkeling Fins

12 Best Snorkeling Fins


Snorkeling is a great water activity and an ideal way to explore the underwater world regardless of your age or experience level. Whether you’re just getting started or an advanced water sports athlete, a good pair of snorkel fins is essential to a successful snorkeling trip. 

The right set of fins will offer control, comfort, and efficiency as you maneuver around reefs and sea life. They will also help you swim through waves quickly and safely while preventing foot fatigue and over exhaustion. With so many different fins available, it can be overwhelming to find the pair that’s best for you. This guide tells you what to look for and lists the best snorkel fins currently on the market.

Quick Answer: Best Snorkeling Fins

Below is a list of the best fins for snorkeling. Click on the name to read reviews and check prices.

What to Look for in Good Snorkeling Fins

There are several factors to take into account when choosing a pair of snorkel fins, most of which depend on personal preference and experience level. You should consider the following before purchasing your new fins:

1. Heel Design

When searching for a new pair of snorkel fins, you’ll need to decide whether you prefer an open-heel or full-foot design. Both options have their pros and cons, and your decision will largely come down to personal preference. 

  • Open-Heel: As the name suggests, these fins are open in the back with a strap that goes over the heel. If you are planning to share your fins with a friend or family member of a different-sized foot, you may want to consider purchasing a pair of open-heel fins. The adjustable strap makes them versatile enough to comfortably fit multiple sizes, also making them a great choice for children with growing feet. Some people prefer to wear a pair of neoprene socks or water booties underneath their fins to maximize comfort and insulate their feet from cold water. In this case, an open-heel would also be a suitable choice as they can adjust to fit either your bare foot or an extra layer of fabric.
  • Full-Foot: Full-foot, closed-heel fins are typically more lightweight than their counterpart, making them easier to kick through the water and more convenient for travel. It is also less common to wear these fins with additional socks or booties. Since snorkeling is more often undertaken in warmer waters than scuba diving, full-foot fins are considered the more classic snorkel fin option. However, if you still wish to wear a full-foot fin in combination with a pair of neoprene socks, it is recommended that you purchase a size up. 

2. Flexibility 

One of the main factors that set snorkel fins apart from scuba fins is their flexibility. Scuba fins are far more rigid, making them more powerful for propelling divers and their heavy equipment through the water. Snorkel fins, on the other hand, are generally quite flexible. The more flexible the fin, the easier it will be to kick repeatedly through the water. For this reason, beginners are often encouraged to choose an ultraflexible set of fins. This will help minimize fatigue and maximize the duration of the swim, making the experience more enjoyable.

If you are more experienced or feel that you have particularly strong legs, you might choose a slightly more rigid pair of fins. Fins that are suited for both snorkeling and scuba diving are usually firmer. The increased rigidity will provide you with more power, although they will also require more strength and energy to move through the water.

3. Length

Snorkel fins are also differentiated from scuba fins by their length. While snorkeling fins are much shorter than those used for scuba diving, the length still varies depending on the snorkeler’s experience level and desired use. Shorter fins are easier to kick and accurately maneuver around sea life and other obstacles in the water. This makes them a popular choice among beginners. They are also easier for walking on land and reduce the risk of accidentally kicking rocks or coral while in motion. The biggest advantage of longer fins is that they provide greater propulsion, allowing you to move through the water with more speed and power. You will also find that you can use slower, longer strokes with these fins as opposed to their shorter counterparts. 

4. Paddle Fins Vs. Split Fins

  • Paddle Fins: Paddle fins feature a single blade and are the more popular, traditional version of snorkel fins. Blades come in varying levels of flexibility, and the single fin provides greater maneuverability. These fins are also more durable and better for swimming against strong currents.
  • Split Fins: The biggest draw of the split fin is the sleek, streamlined design. The dual blade acts as a propeller, allowing water to flow over the top of the blade and through the split, increasing thrust and reducing drag. These fins work best with short, rapid kicks, and can help those with a weaker kick achieve competitive speeds. Due to the nature of the design, they are generally made of highly flexible material and are not recommended for those who prefer a more rigid fin. 

5. Comfort

When it comes to choosing the best snorkeling fins, comfort is key. In order to make the most of your snorkeling trip, you’ll want to make sure that abrasions and aching feet aren’t cutting your adventure short. To avoid chafing, it’s important that your fins fit snugly but not so tight that you risk foot cramps. Choosing a pair of lightweight fins can also help prevent aches and pains. 

Likewise, it is important to consider the material of your fins, particularly the strap and heel sections. Soft rubber and silicone materials are less likely to leave chafing or blisters after a prolonged swim. If you have sensitive skin or find that your fins are not fitting securely, you may want to consider wearing a pair of neoprene socks for further protection. 

Equally as important are the soles of your fins. If there is a chance you’ll be walking on rocks at the water’s entrance, consider a pair of fins with hard protective soles. Water socks and booties are also useful for protecting your feet from rugged surfaces. 

Best Snorkel Fin Reviews

Now that you know what to look for, here are the best snorkel fins currently on the market.

Best Overall Snorkeling Fins

1. Cressi Rondinella Full Foot Snorkeling Fins

Cressi Rondinella Full Foot Snorkeling Fins

Without a doubt, the overall best fins for snorkeling are the Cressi Rondinella Full Foot Snorkeling Fins. Their innovative design strikes the optimal balance between flexibility and power. The anatomically designed fins feature a foot pocket that is coalesced with the blade, creating maximum propulsion without being too demanding. With moderately long blades that are not out of reach for a beginner, snorkelers of all experience levels can glide effortlessly through the water. The ultrasoft rubber foot pocket provides an extra comfortable, snug fit, eliminating the need for additional socks or booties. The simple design and lightweight polypropylene blade make for hassle-free traveling, and the heel pull tab makes slipping them on and off a breeze. As one of the most reputable snorkeling brands on the market, it is no surprise that Cressi has provided us with such an outstanding set of fins. 

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Best Budget Snorkeling Fins

2. Greatever Travel Size Short Snorkel Fins

Greatever Travel Size Short Snorkel Fins

For a high-quality pair of fins that won’t break the bank, you can’t go wrong with the Greatever Travel Size Short Snorkel Fins. These flexible fins are highly accessible for beginners and will allow you to kick through the water with ease. Featuring an open-heel and adjustable buckle, they’re ready for wear with or without water shoes and socks. The mesh instep is comfortable and breathable, and the quick release buckle allows you to keep the strap’s length set, so they’re always easy to pop on and off. Lightweight and durable, these fins even come with a quick-dry mesh bag and plastic inserts, making them great for traveling and storing. No matter your experience level, these Greatever fins are a perfect cost efficient option, providing everything you need for a comfortable and seamless snorkeling adventure!

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Best Snorkeling Fins For Travel

3. Cressi Agua Short Snorkel Fins

Cressi Agua Short Snorkel Fins

Making the list for the overall best fins for travel are the Cressi Agua Short Snorkel Fins. These fins are compact and lightweight, allowing them to fit seamlessly in any carry-on bag or backpack. In addition to offering hassle-free travel, the short fins come with the added bonus of providing you with maximum control, so you can easily maneuver around obstacles and get a closer look at marine life. The flexible yet reactive blades are designed for top performance without overexhausting your feet. The full-foot design features an innovative, Self-Adjusting Foot Pocket system, so that you can achieve ultimate comfort and fit without packing any additional socks or booties. With the Agua Short Snorkel Fins, Cressi has made sure there is no need to sacrifice premier quality for travel-friendly fins. 

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Most Comfortable Snorkeling Fins

4. Wildhorn Topside Snorkel Fins

Wildhorn Topside Snorkel Fins

Hands down, the most comfortable fins on the market are the Wildhorn Topside Snorkel Fins. If you have sensitive skin that blisters easily or you’re just sick of cutting snorkeling sessions short due to aches and chafes, this pair from Wildhorn is definitely your best option. These full-foot swim fins feature an attached neoprene boot-and-strap, eliminating the friction, cramping, and hypertension often caused by a traditional foot pocket. The stretchy boot gives you a shoe-like feel, and the heavy-duty soles protect your feet from rocks and shells, so you can move comfortably on land and in water. They are also lightweight and buoyant, thus preventing foot fatigue, even during long swims. Equally efficient for bodyboarding, paddleboarding and riverboarding, slip these shoes into your carry-on and experience luxurious comfort wherever your water activities take you.

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Best Snorkeling Fins for Speed

5. Atomic Aquatics High Performance Full Foot Split Fin

Atomic Aquatics High Performance Full Foot Split Fin

Our top choice for top speed is undoubtedly the Atomic Aquatics High Performance Full Foot Split Fin. Inspired by the tail fins of fish, these fins are thoughtfully engineered for competitive speed at any experience level. The dual wing-shaped blades will have you flying through the water with ease, as the flexible split fin reduces pressure on the muscles and joints. It is best to use short flutter kicks with these fins to maximize forward propulsion, allowing water to quickly flow through the split and propel you forward. The streamlined design of the Atomic Aquatics Split Fin makes these the best fins for snorkeling at maximum speed.

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Best of the Rest

6. CAPAS Travel Size Short Snorkel Fins

CAPAS Travel Size Short Snorkel Fins

CAPAS has combined some of the best aspects of comfort and practicality with this pair of travel-size snorkel fins. Featuring soft, flexible soles, they also come with a sturdy non-slip insert to protect your feet both on land and in water. The CAPAS Travel-Size Short Snorkel Fins boast minimum effort and maximum efficiency with a lightweight, flexible blade. They are designed with an open-heel and ultrasoft silicone strap to prevent painful blisters, which can cause lasting discomfort in and out of the water. These impressively versatile and comfortable fins from CAPAS are truly among the best snorkel fins available.

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7. Seavenger Torpedo Snorkeling Fins

Seavenger Torpedo Snorkeling Fins

Whether you’re just starting out or a longtime snorkeler, you can’t go wrong with these versatile fins. You’ll find that the shorter blades provide the utmost control for maneuvering and turning while the vented toe works to reduce drag. The easy-kick design is flexible enough to provide effortless mobility, without compromising propulsion or durability. This duality makes them perfect for snorkeling but also a great choice for scuba diving and bodyboarding. They come with a quick-dry mesh bag, making the Seavenger Torpedo Snorkeling Fins a travel-friendly option for a variety of water activities. The open-heel design and adjustable strap are also comfortable enough to be worn with or without socks. With such versatility, these fins are a must have for any spontaneous adventurer!

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8. FINIS Long Floating Fins

FINIS Long Floating Fins

If you’re looking to get in a solid workout and improve your swimming technique while also exploring the wonders of the sea, the FINIS Long Floating Fins are the pair for you. The long blade is designed for maximum resistance and propulsion while building leg strength and swim speed. These buoyant fins are designed to float in both fresh and saltwater, naturally guiding your body to the correct position for an efficient swim. The full-foot design prevents hyperflexion of the ankles, and the supple material provides enhanced comfort for extended use. Whether you’re a competitive swimmer looking to practice your technique on your snorkeling trip or a new snorkeler keen on improving your form in the water, these FINIS fins are the perfect choice for you.

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9. U.S. Divers Proflex II Snorkel Fins

U.S. Divers Proflex II Snorkel Fins

When it comes to power, the U.S. Divers Proflex II Snorkel Fins are easily among the best on the market. The long, vented blades are engineered to maximize momentum, and the dual composite fin rails enhance thrust, making them perfectly suited for slicing through water. Created with an enclosed heel, these fins contain enough flex and power to support prolonged snorkeling as well as scuba diving. Having been in business for over half a century, U.S. Divers is one of the best brands to turn to for affordable and reliable snorkeling gear. So if you’re searching for fins that support a powerful kick, the efficiency and functionality of these U.S. Divers Fins will not disappoint.

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10. Cozia Design Adjustable Snorkel Fins

Cozia Design Adjustable Snorkel Fins

Designed with safety and comfort in mind, the Cozia Design Adjustable Snorkel Fins are a great choice for an efficient yet protective pair of fins. The open-heel pocket is accompanied by an adjustable click-and-pull buckle system, so you can achieve a snug fit in seconds. The thoughtful design also features a high-quality anti-slip sole, allowing for safe water entry, regardless of the ground conditions. As a bonus, these fins even come with a pair of neoprene socks for added comfort and protection. The reinforced blade rails provide enough propulsion to achieve high speeds, and the flexible, lightweight material makes kicking through the water a breeze. These fins from Cozia are definitely among the best snorkeling fins for comfort and protection.

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11. Mares Superchannel Full Foot Snorkel Fins

Mares Superchannel Full Foot Snorkel Fins

Innovative and efficient, these fins from Mares utilize a revolutionary three channel system to move more water than other fins of comparable size. The large, flexible center pushes water down the length of the fin, while the vertical ribs stabilize your feet to conserve energy and maximize power. They come in a variety of stylish colors, and the longer blade also makes them a great choice for scuba diving. Designed with an open-toe, orthopedic foot pocket to reduce rubbing, there is no need to sacrifice comfort for an ultra-efficient pair of fins. The Mares Superchannel Full Foot Snorkel Fins are an ideal option for anyone looking for a versatile and durable pair of fins from a reputable brand.

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12. Scubapro GO Travel Fins

Scubapro Go Travel Fins

With the superior durability of these travel-friendly fins, Scubapro definitely lives up to its reputation as one of the most popular brands on the market. These fins combine the best of both worlds with a full coverage foot pocket and an adjustable strap for that ideal, customizable fit. With an ultrastrong Monprene blade and virtually indestructible bungee strap, these fins are made to stand up to long-term use and frequent travel. Uniquely, the fins also feature interlocking blades made to stack on top of one another and fit conveniently in your gear bag or carry-on. The lightweight blades are meticulously crafted with sturdy bars underneath the side rails to increase power and stability, making them well suited for scuba diving in addition to snorkeling. No matter where your next adventure takes you, the Scubapro Go Travel Fins have got you covered.

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Whether you’re planning your first snorkeling adventure or you’re a seasoned pro, finding the best snorkel fins for you will undoubtedly maximize your experience. Hopefully we’ve helped you narrow down your top picks, and you’re ready to hit the water! And don’t forget to check out our list of the best snorkel masks and dry snorkels to complete your snorkel set.



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