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10 Best Tours in Santorini, Greece


Santorini is one of the world’s most beautiful islands. The island, which is an active volcano, is renowned for its cliffs, white-washed buildings, beaches, villages, and crystal clear waters. It’s also packed with history, culture, and amazing food. Because it has so much to offer you want to make sure you experience the best of the island. The best tours in Santorini will guarantee you don’t miss a thing during your time on this Aegean gem.

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Sunset with catamaran in Santorini, Greece
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5-Hour Catamaran Sunset Cruise

This 5-hour Catamaran Sunset Cruise takes you out on the Aegean Sea for the most beautiful sunset you’ve ever experienced. You’ll go to the hot springs, then the Red Beach, then the White Beach, and you’ll have the opportunity to jump in for a swim or snorkel. You’ll jam to the music on board and take amazing pictures. A barbecue dinner and drinks are included before sailing back to the beautiful village of Oia. If the idea of a catamaran cruise excites you but sunset doesn’t work, you can take this luxury cruise in the daytime. This catamaran sunset cruise is one of the best Santorini tours you can take.

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Santorini travel tourist woman on vacation in Oia walking on stairs. Person in white dress visiting the famous white village with the mediterranean sea and blue domes.
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Best of Santorini Experience: 6-Hour Private Tour

When it comes to day tours from Santorini, you can’t beat this private tour. The best part about the Best of Santorini Experience is that the itinerary is flexible. You’ll see the best of the island and you can have the tour customized to your taste and interests. All of the must-see sights are included, from the Santorini Caldera and Red Beach to the village of Oia and the renowned Blue Dome Church. There are also several optional stops you can take or skip, and you’ll even have the opportunity to see how the locals live. The Best of Santorini Experience lets you enjoy the beauty of the island on your own terms.

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Wine glass with sea view in Santorini, Greece
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Santorini Half-Day Wine Adventure Tour

One of the best wine tours in Santorini, this half-day tour takes you to three famous wineries and lets you sample 12 different wine styles. This tour is also full of history, as winemaking in Santorini dates back more than 3,000 years. You’ll travel through the countryside and stroll through the unique basket vines as you learn more about the local viticulture. You’ll taste Santorini wines along with wines from other regions of Greece, all of which will be accompanied by local cheese and snacks. If you’re at all interested in wine, then you should book the Santorini Half-Day Wine Adventure Tour.

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Arch with a bell, white houses and church with blue domes in Oia or Ia at golden sunset, island Santorini, Greece.
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Traditional Santorini Sightseeing Bus Tour with Oia Sunset

This full-day tour introduces you to Santorini’s most popular sites before closing out the tour with a perfect sunset. Throughout this bus tour you’ll learn all about the island’s history and even see traditional villages. Stops include a winery, Perissa Beach, and the Akrotiri excavation site. The tour guides are helpful, friendly, and knowledgeable, making this definitely one of the best sightseeing tours in Santorini.

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Akrotiri is an archaeological site from the Minoan Bronze Age on the Greek island of Santorini, Greece
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Akrotiri Prehistoric City 2-Hour Tour

The Akrotiri Prehistoric City 2-Hour Tour takes you to one of Greece’s most important prehistoric sites. A remnant of the Bronze Age, this settlement was covered in ash in 1500 BC. You’ll learn about the history of the volcanic eruption as well as why it was so well-preserved. As you stroll past public buildings and private homes you’ll discover how people lived 4,000 years ago. Renowned art, furniture, pottery, and frescoes are also included in this eye-opening tour. The Akrotiri Prehistoric City Tour is perfect for all history lovers.

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Woman on bicycle in Santorini, Greece
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Around Santorini by Electric Bike

If you’re looking for fun guided tours in Santorini, consider the Around the Island by Electric Bike tour. There are places where large tour buses can’t get to and sometimes walking tours don’t seem very fun. An electric bike tour is a perfect alternative. This tour takes you around most of the island and you’ll get unforgettable views of traditional settlements, mountains, and the sea. The three-hour tour includes a wine tasting and a handful of stops in places like Perissa and Megalochori. The Around the Island by Electric Bike tour is a great way to see Santorini from a different perspective.

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Woman in a white dress is taking photos in Oia, Santorini, Greece
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Highlights of Santorini 5-Hour Photo Tour

The Highlights of Santorini 5-Hour Photo Tour lets you improve your camera skills as you’re guided by a professional photographer. You get to customize the tour itinerary to suit your ability as you visit beaches and villages. You’ll get off the tourist trail and learn how to take professional-quality photos in a variety of settings. Your guide can even offer tips on composition and technical skills to create the best possible pictures. The Highlights of Santorini Photo Tour is a super fun experience for everyone from novice to advanced photographers.

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Lunch and wine by the sea, Greece, Santorini
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Santorini Cooking Class and Wine-Tasting Tour

A tour designed with foodies in mind, the Santorini Cooking Class and Wine-Tasting Tour is fun, informative, and tasty. You’ll get to visit a volcanic vineyard, check out the unique basket vines, and learn local viticulture. Multiple wineries and nine local wines are included in the tour, such as Assyrtiko, Nykteri and Vinsanto. The cooking class is held at a traditional restaurant where a local chef offers an amazing cooking lesson. You’ll get to sample traditional aperitifs like Ouzo and Raki while you’re learning to cook like a Greek. This half-day small group tour gives you a personalized experience as you learn more about Greek food and wines.

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Beautiful Oia town on Santorini island, Greece
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20 Minute Santorini Helicopter Flight

One of the best tour companies in Santorini takes you on an exciting yet safe helicopter adventure throughout the island’s picturesque landscapes. You’ll get an amazing bird’s eye view of the island and the Aegean Sea, and you’ll even get some views of the surrounding Greek islands. You can marvel at Santorini’s half-submerged caldera and learn about its geological history, and you can even see Nea Kameni, a nearby active volcano. There’s nothing like seeing Santorini from the air, and the 20 Minute Santorini Helicopter Flight tour is the perfect way to do it.

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Kayaking in Santorini, Greece
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Sea Kayaking Tour in Santorini

This sea kayaking tour lets you experience Santorini’s south coast in a Natura 2000 kayak. Over four hours you’ll cover seven miles where you can snap pictures of impressive scenery like rock formations, beautiful beaches, and crystal clear waters. Along the way you’ll take a break at Mesa Pigadia beach for lunch and snorkeling. Kayaking and snorkeling equipment are included, but they do recommend you bring a water bottle, water shoes, and a towel with you. One of the best ways to experience Red Beach and the surrounding protected area is on this Sea Kayaking in Santorini tour.

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Santorini is a location that’s on many people’s bucket list, and rightly so. It has so much to offer and you’ll never be bored. Whether you’re traveling solo, touring with friends, or enjoying a romantic getaway, Santorini is the place to be. Any of these tours will make sure you get a quality, in-depth, and informative experience while you’re on the island.



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