Hitchhiking Statistic: D.C. to Chicago

Just 14 days after starting our hitchhiking tour of the U.S., Ben and I made a spontaneous decision to board a plane to Cancun and explore Mexico. Though this was not in our original plan, we felt the need to go with the flow and take the opportunity when it presented itself.

For now we are closing this chapter of our travels (with hopes of revisiting it again when we get back to the states) by providing you with a summary of our hitchhiking statistics.

Washington D.C. to Cleveland, Ohio


Route taken: I-66W to I-81N to the I-70W (turns into the I-76W and finally into the I-80W)

Total # of miles traveled: 437

Total # of rides: 8

Total waiting time: 8hrs 42mins

Longest wait time: 2hrs 15mins

Shortest wait time: 20mins

Average wait time: ~1hr 3mins

# of days to get to destination: 2

Actual time it would take to get to destination in a single ride: 6hrs 35mins

# of “crazy” people we met: 0

Cleveland, Ohio to Chicago, Illinois


Route taken: I-90W

Total # of miles traveled: 345

Total # of rides: 3

Total waiting time: 4hrs

Longest wait time: 2hrs 30mins

Shortest wait time: 45 mins

Average wait time: 1hr 20mins

# of days to get to destination: 1

Actual time it would take to get to destination in a single ride: 5hrs 16mins

# of “crazy” people we met: 0

All in all, we traveled a total of 782 miles in 3days and waited a total of 12hrs 42mins.

Note: We excluded our data from the rides we received while trying to hitchhike out of Chicago, since we were having such a shitty day, I didn’t really record much information.

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