Why Couples Who Travel Aren’t Your Average Couple


Long-term travel takes couples to another level that two-week-vacationers and staying-in-one-place couples may never reach. We have to admit, we are a different breed of couples, we do things differently, we act differently, and we love in a different capacity.

We are not your average couple! So, what makes us so different?

1. Instead of dreaming of owning a house with a white picket fence, a dog and two kids, we are dreaming about the next adventure.

2. Our joint savings account is really our joint traveling account.

3. There is no real sexy-time! No new lingerie for him! He’s seen all my panties and draws, after all all we have is just two weeks worth of clothes on repeat.

4. Our version of fancy dinners is sitting on the street eating street food.

5. For anniversaries and birthdays we don’t cut cakes, or throw parties, we book tickets to our next destination.

6. We don’t get breaks from each other by going to work every day for eight hours, we see each others’ awesome face 24/7.

7. Work and stress is your problem. Travel and relaxation is our solution.

8. If there is a problem and one of us is feeling some type of way, the other will know about it. There is no where to run or hide! We hold nothing back, we let it all out.

9. There is no such thing as a romantic getaway, there’s only a finally-me-time … which mostly happens when one of us is in the bathroom.

10. We don’t have sex in public places to spice up our relationship we have sex in different countries ;)

11. Who needs bubble baths and a glass of wine when you can go skinny dipping at a deserted beach and sip mojitos while gazing at the stars.

12. Instead of watching T.V. together, we watch sunsets.

13. We don’t love each other for the clothes we wear, the jobs we have, the money we make, the people we know, or the things we have. Rather, we love each other on a deeper, non superficial level because traveling peels down all the layers to the point that all you get is just the person, nothing else.

14. Our true self is never suppressed rather it is unveiled and accepted. There is no hiding who we really are.

15. We don’t freak out when things don’t go according to plans, we understand that shit happens ALL THE TIME!

16. Our dates don’t include watching movies or going out for dinner, they are more like jumping off a 15m waterfall, squeezing into a jam packed chicken bus with our 40L backpacks, climbing active volcanoes or camping on the beach.

17. Instead of begging each other for a massage, we simply go to Thailand and get one for five bucks.

18. We don’t argue over who is going to do the dishes, instead we argue about whose travel itinerary we should follow.

19. We don’t plan for the “future”, our future is now – We live for now, not for later!

20. Instead of doing the same old stuff together, we are constantly doing something new and pushing each other out of our comfort zones.

21. We don’t live for money or material goods. We live for our happiness, freedom and adventures.

22. We don’t just survive, WE LIVE !

What is your take on this? Why do you think couples who travel are different from the average couple?



  • Ahhh love this!!! My husband and I are a nomadic travel couple, too! :D Agree with nearly everything you wrote, especially about seeing each other’s face 24/7 lol!! I feel so lucky that I found an amazing travel (and life!) partner and he’s always up for an adventure! Couples travel is my fave! <3

    • Yes Amy! We are definitely lucky to have a life/travel partner that loves doing the same things we do! #Winning :)

  • I agree with you. We are not only a traveling couple but we travel with our two toddlers which makes us extra special. You have to be pretty secure about the marriage and be able to me completely comfortable with each other.Giving each other space is a plus but it seems like we don’t even need that. We have been traveling since 2008 and with kids since 2011. We love to travel and loved reading your post.

  • Your article hits some key points for sure. Travel definitely brings a couple closer together :0

  • Wow! Great list :) Some of the things sound so familiar to me :) So honest post, thanks :) Go, go! ;)

  • Cross That Box

    Loved this.

    Nothing is perfect- but it’s our perfect.

    You make it work because you want to, and because it has to.

    Great work guys!

  • We can relate to these on so many levels. It’s one of the biggest tests (and adventure) a couple can face.. traveling long-term together. It’s sort of hard to take a break from one another when things go wrong. =P

    • It’s definitely a test, and I think if we can pass it, it will be nothing but happiness. :d

  • Thanks!!!

  • Such a great post. It actually makes me reflect on my relationship. We are not full time travellers, but we are working expats that travel as much as possible. I am the more advenurous one who can camp everywhere, he likes luxury more. Tough at times to find a middle point.
    Wish you many many great adventours more and lots of love.

    • Though we have great traveling partners, that doesn’t mean we like the same things. Ben and I have some different travel styles/preferences but we still make it work. Just like you guys ! As traveling couples we also compromise a lot, but that’s all part of traveling as a team versus solo.

  • We’re with you. A common question – how have you managed to travel with Craig for four months and not kill him. Answer – I actually like him! Sure we have the infrequent booze fuelled fight but that would happen at home too. We’re a team and this team work makes the dream work.

    Point 21 – We really didn’t have that much before but it took three trips to the car boot sale to sell our stuff. You don’t need all that crap!

    • Definitely agreed… That’s one thing we learned quickly is that we can live off 5 pairs of shirts, 1pair of jeans and two shorts. Who needs a closet when you have a backpack with enough space to carry everything you need. More shit means more problem & possessions to tie you down.

    • The team living the dream! :) two travelers are always better than one ;)

  • You nailed it! Agreed with everything except for #11 – mojitos are great, but some places just would not be the same without a bottle of wine :)

    • I hear you Elena, but we are more of the mojitos-kind-of-travelers especially if it’s 2 for 1 for less than a buck ;)

  • Amen Jazzy! Me and my wife share the same type of vibe over here. We do things differently to live a different, inspired, free life. Not average, not by a long shot ;)

    Thanks for the inspired share!


  • “We don’t just survive, WE LIVE !” I’m in love with you guys :D So totally agree and love this post!

    love, peace and pancakes from Croatia :)

    • Haha glad we made you smile and thanks for the compliments. BTW we love pancakes, so we might come visit you in Croatia :D

  • Well, being of a certain age (ahem!), I too can say full-time travel adds an entirely different dimension to a relationship. We were married nine years ago and doing the nomad thing was nowhere on our radar. But we’re having the time of our lives before someone comes to take us away and stick us in the old people’s home. You’re right, it’s not normal. And that’s a good thing.

    • That’s great, age definitely shouldn’t hold you back from traveling the world. I hope you guys have many more years of true freedom before you are locked up in an old people’s home ;D

  • Spot on. We have ups & downs like any couple, and we know EVERY thing about each other. Being so familiar with someone can be a down point, occasionally, but mess with us (or any other couple who travels full-time together) and you’ll see how fast a traveling couple can work together to get what they want.

    • I hear you Tim, traveling couples are by no means perfect, if anything I think we argue just as much as regular couples if not more. But at the same time we are invisible because we go through so much together. We’ve seen each other in different lights, elements, and environments, and still love each other through it all, the good, the bad, the ugly and the adventures. I would say we (travel couples) are freaking awesome

  • Love it!!
    Perfect description on how is a true relationship on the road!
    Rob and I have been together for 9 years, and one year and two months ago we became full-time travellers. Best decision ever, our bond, our understanding and your love have never been so strong!
    Cheer guys, wish you all the happiness!

    • Thanks Natalie! :) I have to agree, the bond between travel couples is unbreakable. Couples who travels together, stays together!!

      Wish you guys all the happiness as well! Safe travels xoxo

  • These things are so true! I can relate to many of these points :) I definitely notice a difference between us and our non-travelling friends, especially since we started travelling and they stayed at home and bought houses and focused on their careers. Travel all the way!

  • Y’all are so cute!! “we are argue over whose travel itinerary to follow” haha I love it!
    You can still have sex in public places you know – we were once caught doing it in the middle of our hostel dorm room while looking out the window (well I was looking out the window, Guy was looking at the back of my head…) ;)

    • lol Thanks Pippa! I definitely know we can have sex in public places ;) I think I need to change it to “we have sex in public places in different countries”

  • I completely agree that travel couples are different, in that we’ve chosen to lead a totally different life than the norm, although we don’t travel full time, so we sort of live in a half and half world and experience both sides of the coin.

    • Hey Laura,

      You summed up the whole post, we are different from other travelers because we chose to live against the grain.

      I should have added that to the conclusion to the post :( … Hopefully, everyone gets that point after reading it too.

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