Neuschwanstein Castle on the top of the mountain in Bavaria, Germany
Yury Dmitrienko /

15 Most Beautiful Castles in Germany

Germany is home to the most beautiful castles in Europe. However with over 20,000 castle to choose from, the decision of which one to visit can feel overwhelming. So to help make your life easier, we have handpicked the best castles in Germany for you below.

1. Neuschwanstein Castle

Neuschwanstein Castle on the top of the mountain in Bavaria, Germany
Yury Dmitrienko /

2. Burg Eltz

Eltz Castle in Germany
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3. Hohenzollern Castle

View of Hohenzollern Castle in the Swabian Alps - Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany
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4. Lichtenstein Castle

Castle Lichtenstein in Germany
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5. Schwerin Castle

Castle of Schwerin in Germany
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6. Reichsburg Castle (Cochem castle)

Castle Cochem
Marek R. Swadzba /

7. Heidelberg Castle

Heidelberg Castle in Germany
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8. Hohenschwangau Castle

he castle of Hohenschwangau in Bavaria, Germany.
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9. Drachenburg Castle

Colomn of Castle Drachenburg, Dragon Castle, Germany
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10. Mespelbrunn Castle

The beautiful and romantic castle, Mespelbrunn in Germany
leoks /

11. Schonburg Castle

Castle Schoenburg Oberwesel, Germany
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12. Lowenburg Castle

Abbey and walls of Lowenburg, Bergpark, Germany
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13. Wartburg Castle

View of the famous Wartburg - a world heritage site, Thuringia, Germany
Circumnavigation /

14. Burg Altena

Castle Altena Sauerland Germany
Tobias Arhelger /

15. Glucksburg Castle

The Castle of Glucksburg in Flensburg German
Steffen Hoejager /

16. Wernigerode Castle

Castle above the clouds in Wernigerode
ohenze /

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