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Gluten-Free Vienna: A Travel Guide for Celiacs

We always knew that Vienna was known for it’s culinary art but little did we know that it also true for people on a gluten free diet. Vienna is a celiac heaven and if Vienna didn’t have a winter we would seriously move here just for the gluten-free food. That’s how serious it is.

There are so many gluten free restaurants to choose from and I know that it’s impossible to try them all but be sure to visit at least our top choice restaurants. They will not leave your taste buds or stomach disappointed. Guaranteed!

Restaurants marked with a star (★) are a 100% gluten-free and are dedicated facilities. Discover more dedicated gluten- free restaurants in Europe with this book, “100% Gluten-Free Restaurants Around the World” with over 1000 establishments listed.

What You’ll Find in This Article

Gluten-Free Map of Vienna

Below is a map of all the gluten-free restaurants, bakeries, hotels and supermarkets listed in this article.

Gluten-Free Cafés & Bakeries

Allergiker Café ★ | Wiedner Hauptstraße 35, 1040 Wien TOP CHOICE
The perfect café for people with all different kind of allergies. No matter if you are allergic to gluten, lactose, egg, nuts, dairy or soy you are bound to find something delicious to eat here. So forget all your worries and enjoy some cake and coffee on the “Gluten Free Beach” (outdoor terrace). No visit to Vienna is complete without a visit here.

Note: They also serve gluten free breakfast and lunch

Gluten Free Cheesecake at Allergiker Cafe in Vienna
Gluten Free Cheesecake from Allergiker Café

Bröselei Café ★ | Strudlhofgasse 1, 1090 Wien
Another gluten free heaven with a wide variety of different cakes and tarts, all of which are a 100% gluten and lactose free.

Café Restaurant Mozart | Albertinaplatz 2, 1010 Wien
Café Restaurant Mozart has six different kinds of gluten free pastries, cakes and mousses. All of them are clearly marked on the menu.

Gluten-Free Local Restaurants

Zum Wohl ★ | Stumpergasse 61, 1060 Wien TOP CHOICE
By far our favorite gluten free restaurant in Vienna. They have many traditional Austrian dishes on their menu and all of them are a 100% gluten and lactose free. It was nice to finally have some Wiener Schnitzel and Mohnnudeln again. Oh and did I mention that they also have gluten free beer? Can’t have dinner in Austria without a refreshing beer ;D If you visited any restaurant on this list, make sure it this one, I promise you won’t regret it.

Gluten Free Wiener Schnitzel from Zum Wohl in Vienna
Gluten Free Wiener Schnitzel from Zum Wohl

Gasthaus am Predigtstuhl | Oberwiedenstrasse 34, 1170 Wien
Gasthaus am Predigtstuhl is a traditional Austrian restaurant but they also serve vegan and oriental food. Many items on the menu here are either naturally gluten free or can be made gluten free.

Gasthaus Nestroy | Weintraubengasse 7, 1020 Wien
Gasthaus Nestroy takes great pride in providing gluten free food to their customers. Most dishes, such as the famous Wiener Schnitzel, can be prepared gluten free upon request.

Cafe Schopenhauer | Staudgasse 1, 1180 Wien
At Cafe Schopenhauer, guest can also enjoy an array of traditional Austrian dishes which are made gluten free upon request.

Gluten Free Palatschinken (Austrian Pancakes) from Zum Wohl in Vienna
Gluten Free Palatschinken (Austrian Pancakes) from Zum Wohl

Gluten-Free International Restaurants

Pizzeria Scarabocchio | Florianigasse 3, 1080 Wien TOP CHOICE
This is the place that I want to tell all celiacs about, as they have literally the best (gluten free) pizza I have ever eaten. I was seriously questioning whether the pizza was really gluten free but my taste buds wouldn’t let me care much if it wasn’t lol. I know what you are thinking, eating pizza at a pizzeria can be deadly for a celiac as flour gets everywhere and it’s impossible to contain but with this place you can breathe easy. All gluten free pizzas are made separately in the front of the pizzeria in their dedicated gluten free wood oven! There are over 30 gluten free pizzas available and all of them are freaking delicious. Like, foodgasm delicious. Gluten free beer, pasta dishes and tiramisu are also available.

Alla Salute ★ | Stumpergasse 51, 1060 Wien
A pizzeria that everybody can enjoy, even people on a gluten free diet, as everything on the menu is a 100% gluten and lactose free. So if you haven’t had pizza in some time because you are worried about cross contamination be sure to make a stop here to get your pizza fix. Unfortunately, Alla Salute has permanently closed.

Simply Raw Bakery ★ | Drahtgasse 2, 1010 Wien
At Simply Raw Bakery you will find everything from smoothies to pizza and even delicious tiramisu. All dishes are raw, organic, vegan, gluten free, lactose free, and without industrial sugars. It can’t get healthier than this.

Best Gluten Free Pizza Ever from Pizzeria Scarabocchio in Vienna
Best Gluten Free Pizza Ever from Pizzeria Scarabocchio

Blueorange | Multiple Locations
For gluten free bagels and shakes visit one of the many Blueorange restaurants around Vienna. The waiters here are very knowledgeable and ensure that there is no cross-contamination with their gluten dishes.

Gluten Free Hotels in Vienna

Hotel Kaiserhof | Frankenberggasse 10, 1040 Wien
Kaiserhof Hotel is conveniently located in the historical center of Vienna and within walking distance of the famous Ringstrasse and Opera House. In 2012, Kaiserhof was awarded the ECARF Certificate and now offers allergy friendly rooms as well as a large variety of gluten and lactose free dishes for breakfast. Click here to read reviews and check availability.

Hotel Spiess & SpiessHainburger Str. 19, 1030 Wien
This small allergy friendly boutique hotel is a place where everyone can relax and feel right at home. Even celiacs. The owners understand how difficult it can be to travel with allergies that is why they take the extra step to make sure your stay is both enjoyable and worry-free with allergy free rooms, and gluten free products. GF food is available upon request, so make sure to mention it during booking.Hotel Spiess & Spiess has also been awarded the ECARF certificate. Click here to read reviews and check availability.

Hotel HarmonieHarmoniegasse 5-7, 1090 Vienna
The newly renovated 4 star hotel, which is located in the trendy 9th district, offers guest not only modern comforts but also Viennese charm! As an allergy friendly hotel, Harmonie Vienna offers allergy-free rooms, allergy-awareness trained staff, and allergy friendly food like gluten free bread, and gluten free muesli as part of their organic breakfast buffet. The ECARF certified hotel does ask that guest with food intolerance to inform them ahead of time so they can plan accordingly. Click here to read reviews and check availability.

Gluten Free Mohnnudeln from Zum Wohl, one of the best restaurants to eat gluten free in vienna
Gluten Free Mohnnudeln from Zum Wohl

Falkensteiner Hotel Am SchottenfeldSchottenfeldgasse 74, 1070 Wien
With a wellness area that includes a sauna, fitness room, steam bath and a location in the vibrant center of Vienna, Hotel Am Schottenfeld is the perfect place for your Vienna vacation. The Hotel is more than happy to cater to gluten free dieters and add to your holistic wellness as long as you inform them in advance, during the time of booking. Click here to read reviews and check availability.

Hotel City RoomsDaungasse 1, 1080 Wien
This small but cozy guesthouse is located in a historic building just 10 minutes from the city center of Vienna. Gluten Free guest can also enjoy the rich breakfast buffet as gluten free options are available upon request. Click here to read reviews and check availability.

Want to prepare your own food? Check out Airbnb rentals with kitchens here. Oh, and don’t forget to use our Airbnb coupon code to get $35 off your next booking.

Supermarkets with Gluten Free Items

Spar and Billa
Most bigger supermarkets nowadays carry gluten free items such as bread, cereal, and noodles. Usually those items are displayed together on one shelf, so just ask one of the store workers where the gluten free items can be found. Spar even has their own “Free from” brand for people with allergies.

dm drogerie markt
dm drug stores can be found all over the city and usually the have a small food section where you can find gluten free and organic items.

Reformhaus (Organic Supermarkets)
Reformhäuser can also be found all over the city but usually things here are more expensive than they need to be. However, if you are looking for something specific this would be the place to find it.

Gluten Free Beer in Vienna
Enjoying a cold brew at Zum Wohl

Useful German Phrases

Below is a list of useful German phrases you should know to help avoid getting glutened. Make sure to also download our FREE German gluten-free restaurant card.

  • Glutenfrei – gluten free
  • Mehl – flour (usually wheat-flour)
  • Weizen – wheat
  • Gerste – barley
  • Roggen – rye
  • Hafer – oats
  • Semmelbrösel – breadcrumbs
  • Griess – semolina
  • Waffel – wafer
  • Brot – bread
  • Semmel – bread roll
  • Paniert – breaded

Books About Austria and Its Food

Gluten Free Resources

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  1. Appreciate all this information in such a well organized article. Just was diagnosed with Celiac Disease 6 months ago and I have a trip planned to Vienna in 3 months time. I’ve been all over the internet and I have collected a lot of restaurants and bakeries, but this article organizes it very well. Also, descriptive about the restaurants. Thank you!

    1. Hey Sal,

      We are glad we can help! We try to be as thorough as possible with our GF guides.

      Hope you have a great and non-contaminated, GF trip :)

      p.s. the Pizza @ Pizzeria Scarabocchio is a must eat in our opinion :)

  2. Ben & Jazzy – thank you so much for this wonderful info! I am a celiac of 18 years and my husband and I are planning our honeymoon to Vienna, Salzburg, and Munich this fall. I am so happy I can eat in so many places! Could you email me a recommendation of a travel agency or guide to help plan our trip (if you know of one)? Much appreciated. Cheers!

  3. Check out Restaurant Führich, for gluten-free meals too! They have great gluten-free meals like Schnitzel, Pancakes, and many other things. Their owner, Ms. Petra Führich is also Gluten Free!

  4. Thank you SO much for this excellent guide. I suffer badly from anxiety so knowing where I could eat beforehand made my trip so much more enjoyable. And you are right, the pizza at Pizza Scarabocchio was incredible!

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