Airbnb Coupon Code: Get Up To $55 Off Your Next Booking


It’s no secret that we love Airbnb. Not only does Airbnb provide you with a more local and authentic travel experience but sometimes you can even rent a whole apartment for less than a private room at a budget hotel. We’d be crazy not to use Airbnb. Because we love it so much, we are giving you a $55 Airbnb coupon code for your next booking AND it doesn’t even have to be your first time with Airbnb.

Update June 2021: Unfortunately, Airbnb has canceled their guest referral program and no longer offers coupon codes to new or existing users.

How to Get Your $55 Airbnb Coupon Code

If you already have an account with Airbnb, simply click here and sign up with a different email address to claim another Airbnb coupon code.

Insider Hack: Gmail users can trick Airbnb into thinking that it’s a new account by inserting a period (.) anywhere in their email address. For example, if my email address was [email protected] and I had already used this email address before on Airbnb, I could sign up again with [email protected] and claim another Airbnb coupon code. The reason why this works is because Gmail doesn’t care for periods in their email addresses and in their eyes both emails above are one and the same.

First timers don’t have to worry about all of that! Just click here, sign up and Airbnb will automatically credit you on checkout. It’s as simple as that.

However, keep in mind that you need to spend at least $75 on your booking for this Airbnb coupon code to work.

How to Get Even More Airbnb Credit

Airbnb works on a referral basis. Every time you refer one of your friends to Airbnb, you both will get some Airbnb credit. To refer one of your friends, login to Airbnb, hover over your profile picture and click on “Refer A Friend”.

There you will find your personal referral URL that you can email to your friends, share on Facebook or even send to yourself with the hack I showed you above.

For every friend that you successfully refer, you get up to $20 in Airbnb credit that you can use to stay at different places around the world. Oh, and if your friend decides to become an Airbnb host, you will get an extra $75 in your pocket. Now, how cool is that?

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How to Get Started on Airbnb

Now that you have successfully claimed your Airbnb coupon code it is time to talk about how to book your first stay. Especially if you are new to Airbnb, without any references, these are important first steps:

  • Upload a profile picture (of yourself, not your cat)
  • Verify your ID
  • Add a short description about yourself

Without these, most hosts will probably turn you down. After all, they want to know a little bit more about the person who will be staying in their apartment (wouldn’t you?). So make sure to fill out your profile completely before booking a place. Once you set up a killer profile you can go to the next step on how to choose a good Airbnb rental.

How to Choose a Good Airbnb Rental

Not all Airbnb rentals are created equal. Do your research beforehand, to avoid any surprises later on.

1.) Consider Your Booking Needs

What are some essential things you need to have for a comfortable stay? Do you need good WiFi or a fully equipped kitchen? Do you mind sharing a room with someone or would you rather stay in a private room, or even an entire apartment?

Those are just a few of the questions you should ask yourself before looking for a place. Once you know the answers, you can go on Airbnb and utilize the filters to limit your search to fit your needs.

2.) Read Reviews

Reviews are a great way to get a small insight on the host’s personality as well as learn more about the rental, so be sure to read more than just one review! Consider some of these questions when reading reviews: Are there any consistent issues mentioned throughout the reviews? Did people mention whether the property is exactly as described and shown on the pictures? Is everybody happy with the place and the host?

3.) Read All the Property Rules

Every Airbnb rental has different rules. Some of them are reasonable, others are odd. Either way, make sure to read them to avoid negative feedback because you didn’t follow the rules.

4.) Ask Questions

Good hosts are happy to answer questions, so don’t feel bad about asking a million questions. Just make sure you don’t ask anything that has already been answered in their Airbnb listing. Nobody likes people who don’t read.

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Good Things to Know About Airbnb

Below are a few things to keep in mind when booking with Airbnb.

1.) Security Deposit & Cleaning Fees

Some Airbnb rentals might charge you a security deposit or cleaning fee on top of the regular price. Check the “prices” section of the listing before you book.

2. )Cancellation Policies

Cancellation policies vary depending on the host. Some are flexible while others are strict. Make sure to read their policy carefully before booking.

3.) Contact Airbnb

Airbnb withholds payment from the host for 24 hours after a guest’s arrival. If you run into any troubles with your host or rental, make sure to contact Airbnb immediately.

And that’s it folks! I hope the above tips will come in handy on your next stay with Airbnb. If you still haven’t claimed your Airbnb coupon code, you can do so here.



  • Manuel Mendoza

    I think that Airbnb has become something very unique and it’s a great way to travel, I find it more economical than staying at Hotels, I mean it has some disadvantages, but for the price, I really like the idea of staying in one that in a hotel to save up some money!

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