Caribbean Jamaica How Much Do Things Cost in Jamaica?

How Much Do Things Cost in Jamaica?


This post is to help you get a feel of how much things cost in Jamaica, so you have a general idea of whether you are paying the close to right amount i.e the local price, or the tourist price. Keep in mind that things in touristy areas (especially in Negril and Ocho Rios) tend to be more expensive than the prices listed here.

Things To Know:

1. If things are priced in US dollars, know that you are in an expensive area in Jamaica.

2. Again, prices in touristy areas are jacked up by at least 30 – 40%.

3. Jamaica’s currency is called the Jamaican dollar but the locals simply refer to it as dollars. The bank notes are in 50s, 100s, 500s, 1000s, 5000s (rare).

4. US dollars are widely accepted on the island but you will pretty much always pay more than if you paid in Jamaican dollars.

5. The exchange rate while we were in Jamaica was about ~J$117 to US$1.

6. The best printed travel guide for Jamaica is Lonely Planet Jamaica.

7. Use to get the best rates for your hotel stay.

8. Going to Jamaica for the first time? Check out our top travel tips for Jamaica here.

Average Prices:


Jamaican food is famous for its tasty, spicy flavors so you will be in for a culinary treat. Below are the prices of a few must-eat dishes in Jamaica.

  • Ackee & Saltfish = J$250 – 400
  • Stew Chicken or Beef = J$350 – 450 (This is usually the cheapest meal on the menu.)
  • ¼ Jerk Chicken = J$400
  • ¼ Jerk Pork = J$600
  • Jerk Fish or Lobster = J$1000+
  • Seafood Dishes = J$600 – 1000+
  • Sugar Cane = J$50 for a small bag / J$100 for a large bag
  • Gizzada = J$50 for 2
  • Jamaican Patty = J$130
  • Coco Bread = J$50 – 75
  • Cheese & Bun = J$90 – 100
  • Coconut Drops = J$50


Beer, rum, coffee and coconut water, no matter your taste, Jamaica has it all. Below are the average prices for some of the most popular drinks.

  • Small bottle of water J$80 / 1.5 liter water bottle = J$120 / 5 liter water jug = J$315
  • Local Beer (Red Stripe) = J$250
  • Coconut Water = J$100
  • “Flask” of Liquor = J$400 – 500
  • Blue Mountain Coffee = US$15/lb


From cheap hostels and budget hotels to beautiful Airbnbs and all inclusive resorts, Jamaica has all kinds of accommodation options available. So no matter your travel style you’ll be sure to find the perfect place to stay. We have found that offers the best hotel deals on the island.

  • Hostel = US$15 – 20
  • Budget Hotel = US$25 – 50
  • Mid-Range Hotel = US$50 – 150
  • All Inclusive Resort = US$200 – 400+

Find a Place to Stay in Jamaica


The best way to get around Jamaica is by route taxis. Route taxis are cheap and chaotic but you can go around the whole island in them. There is also a bus called Knutsford Express that goes to all the major towns in Jamaica. If you have the money and want more privacy you can hire a private taxis to take you around the island but keep in mind that they cost significantly more than the regular route taxis.

  • Route Taxi within Towns = J$100 – 200
  • Route Taxi between Towns = J$400 – 600
  • Private Taxi = US$25 – 200+


There are hundreds of things to do in Jamaica but below you will find the prices for some of the most popular attractions.

  • Blue Lagoon: Free
  • YS Falls: US$17.50
  • Dunn’s River Falls: US$20
  • Reach Falls: US$10
  • Rio Grande Bamboo Rafting: US$70 for 2
  • Bob Marley Museum: US$20


  • Weed = J$50 small bag (2 joints) / J$100 large bag (4 joints)
  • Rolling paper = J$50
  • Lighter = J$50

Hopefully, this will give you a general idea of what things cost in Jamaica and help you budget your next trip there. Once you are on the island, just stay away from smooth talking vendors who try to rip you off. If their prices seem outrageous compared to the prices on this list, bargain with them and come to an agreeable amount. If they don’t budge, go to the next vendor. It is as simple as that :D

Did we miss anything? Let us know below. We are all about helping you stretch your dollar.



  • Travelnomad

    How much money (USD) would you bring for a week? I plan on ordering JMD from my bank. I’ll be staying in an Airbnb in Ochos Rios.

  • Everyone on the board please be advised that you can change out your U.S, CDN, BP, dollars at any banks in the Cities. Jamaica has lots of banks in the big cities. Change out your U.S dollars every 3 days, dont change them all at once. The airport gives you very less for your foreign dollars so wait till you leave the airport. Jamaica has lots of banks all over the place.

    Thank you.

  • Good afternoon

    I will be leaving in the morning to Negril. I just took cash american out today. I just found this blog. Can I exchange american to Jamacia when I arrive.

    • A

      Yes, you can change your USD for Jamaican Dollars at one of the Cambios in town. Your hotel might also be able to exchange it for you. Avoid exchanging money at the airport as they will give you the worst exchange rate.

  • Michael Morris

    Hi Jazzy,
    Love your blog!. Off to Negril, Jamaica in ten days time for my Wife’s 60th. I have read all comments about paying more in US $’s etc and i do understand as have also travelled widely. We are staying in a resort however, do you have any idea about tipping in US$,for a sun bed each day, the maid, waitress etc.
    A couple of places that were my favourite around the world;
    1) Puala Tioman (approx 800miles south of Vietnam)
    2) Noosa – Sunshine Coast north of Brisbane
    3) La Croix Valmer in the South of France


  • I found this post in google while searching for Jamaica food prices and i found this to be really relevant. Your information was precious, even if it from 2015.

    By the way, you talked about withdrawing money from local ATM at the airport. Do you know if there is any tax applied?

    Because i’ve called the bank i have in my country and they are not able to give any accurate information to me. They say it depends from Jamaican banks or jamaican ATMs.

    • Also, US dollars are widely accept in Jamaica, especially in the touristy areas like Negril and Montego bay. Just know if you go that route they will give you a bad exchange rate.

    • A

      Glad it was helpful in planning your Jamaica trip. I am not sure what you mean with tax. Do you mean the ATM fee? I recommend you talk to your bank and ask them if they have a partnership with a Jamaican bank so you are not charged an ATM fee. Enjoy JA.

  • Hi Jazzy,

    I’m headed to Jamaica in a few weeks. Did you guys exchange currency before heading over there and was it worth it?


    • Hey there! No, we never exchange currency before going to a new country. We always take out local currency at the ATM as soon as we land at the airport.

      • Gerald Woodfolk

        Do you get U.S money from the atms there? or Jamaica dollars?

        • A

          We always get Jamaican dollars as you will always pay more if you pay with US dollars.

  • Janelle Nasief

    Hey Jazzy! I love your blog and pictures! I’ve been trying to plan a trip to Jamaica for my birthday in December but I have no idea where to start. What is the most beautiful tropical area in your opinion? I’m looking for more of the experience where I hike through the jungles find beautiful beaches and really see the nature part. I am not at all interested in busy tourist areas where everything is overpriced and the area is stripped of its natural culture, but I would like to visit a nice bar or place to eat to have a drink, it will be my birthday after all! I want to experience the real Jamaica and go out on the water! If you can help me out with any places spots or even advice, I would appreciate it so much. Thank you pretty!!

    • Hey Janelle,
      Out of the places we visited, we would say the Blue Mountains, and Port Antonio (Porty) are the most beautiful. Porty in our opinion is way less touristy and has more of an authentic feel to it than Negril or Ocho. In Porty, we stayed at Mango Ridge, which was in town but in the mountains. Far enough from the city life but close to the city at the same time (7 – 10 min walk). We loved it there.

      There are some local clubs and bars in the area so you don’t have to worry about not enjoying your bday ;). I can’t remember the names or their locations but if you walk around you will run into some or just ask the people. They are very friendly in Porty !

      As for the Blue mountains you can get your hiking fix there. The area is gorgeous and it really shows how Jamaica is more than just beaches. So I would recommend it if you have time.

      I hope I was able to help. Enjoy Jamaica and your bday! Hope you fall in love with JA as much as we did.

      Safe travels XOXO

      • alvin james

        You want to relax off the tourist track visit Treasure Beach, Jamaica, They are still in the 1970’s era….Everything is at a snails pace and you do as you please, walk as you please , and nobody bothers you but rather respects you. Old country charm. You need help they are there to help in any way possible. What a beautiful place. Secluded beaches, bars, google Jakes, or Lashing Villas. its beautiful.

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