Caribbean Jamaica Treasure Beach: An Escape from the Touristy Chaos

Treasure Beach: An Escape from the Touristy Chaos


See, after visiting Negril we weren’t too impressed with Jamaica! Everything was very touristy, crowded and expensive, even during low season! But everything changed after we packed our bags and headed to Treasure Beach on the southern coast of Jamaica!

It was there that we first fell in love with Jamaica, and no it had nothing to do with the beaches. It was the laid-back, sleepy, kick back vibe of the town… and the breathtaking view from our guesthouse, Welcoming Vibes.


Once the vibe of Treasure Beach hits you, it won’t be long till you fall in love too!


It was exactly what we needed after the chaos of Negril. There were no hustlers, no resorts, no over-development or overcrowded areas. It is just a town, with local people, the ocean and nature. What else can one ask for?


Unlike the rest of Jamaica, Treasure beach is different in many ways. The town is located in the driest parish of Jamaica, St. Elizabeth therefore it has a very desert-like environment and at times it feels more like you are in the African Savannah than in the Caribbeans.


Though dry, Treasure Beach still produces and supplies more fruits and vegetables than any other parish. The parish is actually nicknamed “the Bread Basket of Jamaica.”


Another great aspect of Treasure Beach is that it’s a community-based tourism destination involved and active in sustainable local development. Which means travelers come and support local business, by buying local food, taking local transportation and taking local tours.


Treasure Beach offers visitors the opportunity to visit the sleepy village with the understanding that they will respect the town by traveling responsibly and by contributing to the improvement in the quality of life of the local community.


Treasure Beach should not have to change because more people are visiting, if anything people should want to preserve the authenticity of the town. After all, isn’t that the reason why people want to visit in the first place?

Best Places to Stay in Treasure Beach

The hotels and guesthouses below are highly rated and offer the best value in Treasure Beach.

Which one would you rather visit, the laidback village of Treasure Beach or the touristy chaos of Negril?



  • RoxAnn Witkowski

    Have have been to Treasure Beach over a dozen times. The laid back feeling, the friends you make with locals, the fresh food are unbeatable. Meeting the local fishing boats and watching how they process their catch is something else. We like being able to walk on the beach and walk to local shops. Visit the schools, take some school supplies with you. It is truly amazing how the children learn when you see the limited supplies and resources they have. Have been to other areas on the island but always come back to Treasure Beach. Nothing can beat watching the sun set with a red stripe.

  • Danielle Callender

    I’m so glad someone enjoys the authenticity and purity of nature in Jamaica. Unfortunately our government seems to think that every single aspect of Jamaica needs this over- developed touristy and artificial remodelling everywhere for tourists. Many places that have been developed in this way have actually lost the raw natural and local features making it what it was in the first place. Some things just need to be left alone and appreciated for what it is. The gov’t prob soon roll out some over done development plans for Treasure Beach for foreign investors to trample and run over with their tracters, bull dozers, cement and asphalt and overpriced stores and facilities in the name of “tourism development”

  • Nick Doten

    you’ve discovered a gem in Treasure Beach ! i found this place via a random internet search back in 2014. i’ll be returning for the 7th consecutive February in 2020 (and anticipate beyond!) you’re correct about the “un-touristy” vibe. when you walk around you’ll see few tourists in the area relative to Negril and Montego Bay. one of the joys are the local farmers who operate “mobile markets” in vans and regularly visit the many small resorts in the area peddling their produce. you can buy freshly harvested , fully ripened fruit and veggies at their peak of taste. the thing which has kept me returning however are my hosts at Ital Rest Cottages. they have grown from being simply my hosts to my personal friends. throw in all the very friendly and welcoming local populace and you’ve got the ideal respite from the world’s craziness. do yourself a favor and visit this place ! you will not regret your decision !

  • It’s actually the entire parish of St. Elizabeth that’s called the Bread Basket, not just Treasure Beach. Great write up :)

  • Rick goldhardt

    Thank you for all your info .. we have always stayed on the cliffs of negril off season and love the cliffs we stay on a budget. We rented a motor bike and rode away from the hotel it was great.I really want to explore the real Jamaica I also this is my place in the world.. thank you for your insight.. rick

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